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Kakka Muttai (Tamil) Movie Review

Kakka Muttai is the latest Tamil movie that’s been getting rave reviews on Facebook, so I thought why not see it in theater? I am glad I did! 🙂

I guess you all know I love offbeat movies. But now I realize I love offbeat movies that give an unbiased message interlaced with humor. What a debut by the writer/director Manikandan! For once I am glad that a director did not push his beliefs/agenda on the movie watchers, and chose to tell the story as it is in the real world.

This is a story of two slum kids who fantasize on eating a ‘pizza’ from a nearby newly-opened pizza shop. They want to taste it in spite of not having the money, then not wearing the appropriate dress, and then not being allowed inside the shop because the watchman recognizes they are from the nearby slum! How they surpass each hurdle, and whether they get to eat the ‘pizza’ in the end is the story.

The story was somewhat slow until intermission. But after that it picks up pace. The climax is too good. There is mild humor throughout, but since many people laugh aloud in theaters, the effect of humor is amplified. And the humor makes you think — I feel this is the best way to make people think. Not lecturing the audience or trying to create artificial emotions.

The realistic film-making is the Hero of this movie. There is no actual Hero/Heroine, just the kids and a bunch of characters supporting them. Glad to watch a simple but still complex non-judgmental movie in the theater. The audience gave a standing ovation to the movie in the end.

Don’t miss this movie in the theater, especially if you like offbeat movies.

I loved it.

Destination Infinity

PS: I want to watch Piku badly — hopefully it’ll continue to play in the theater next week too!!


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