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Vadivelu’s ‘Eli’ Tamil Movie Review: ‘Hero’ Vadivelu is not a Joker!

Eli Movie Trailer:

‘Eli’ is Vadivelu’s latest spy comedy movie where the master comedian plays the leading role. Therein lies the biggest issue with the movie: Vadivelu, how much ever we might hope & want, doesn’t shine in a movie where he plays the role of a successful hero. I am afraid the movie did not turn out to be a laugh riot I expected, due to it.

Sure Vadivelu can play the role of a Hero. But will a successful Vadivelu make us laugh, irrespective of his funny mannerisms and humorous exposition? Difficult. 

There sure are some bright (comic) spots here and there. The bank heist scene is excellent. Why? Because Vadivelu attempts the bank robbery in the most childish of ways and fails pathetically! We love when Vadivelu attempts and fails. That too fails for the simplest of reasons. That’s what makes us laugh — doesn’t it?

But for most part of the movie, Vadivelu attempts to be the Hero, and a successful one at that — well, you can guess the result. The fight scenes, especially in the climax, is totally unbelievable. The comedy, which ought to have taken the center stage in this movie, is woven throughout, but almost as an afterthought. Not very effective.

Disappointing — but not a total disappointment though.

The story and the setting (60s Madras) is good — much better than an average Tamil movie. As I told you, we do get to laugh at certain moments — but these are far too less than what is expected of a movie featuring one and only ‘Vaigai Puyal’. There is no surprise, not that we expect one in a comedy spy movie, but I felt that the story had the scope for it. They could have used the character of Sadha to create a surprise twist, but they don’t.

Vadivelu dancing to ‘Meri sapnon ki rani kab aayegi thu’ is innovative, but he could have instead danced to a popular MGR song and got much more applause from the audience! Vadivelu reading out the cigarrete smoking warning was good thinking, and surprisingly comic!

I just wish Comedy Vadivelu remained a Comedian and doesn’t attempt to become a Hero. What he has achieved as a Comedian is hundred times more satisfying (for the audience) than what hundreds of Super/Mega Star Heroes can ever achieve. Then why this attempt to degrade him to a Hero?

I want the pure Comedian Vadivelu who fails at the simplest of things, back. Because that’s what makes us laugh. That’s what makes us forget our worries, at least for the moment.

The movie is definitely watchable once, maybe in the theater.

But it’s not the laugh riot you might expect.

Sorry to disappoint you guys!

Destination Infinity

PS: For the first time ever, I watched a movie First Day First Show 🙂


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