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Off-roading Experience in Chennai with Terra Tigers


I went to an off-roading event for 4×4 Jeeps and SUVs organised by Terra Tigers in Chennai last Sunday because — I didn’t have anything else to do 😛 I did not drive any of the vehicles shown here — although they offered me to — because I don’t drive cars!! I managed to successfully hide this fact from everyone out there 😛 So my experience was on the front passenger seat, but this was also a unique experience alright! 🙂
This event was held at Palar river-bed just after Mahabalipuram, off ECR, when you go from Chennai. When we went, there were already a group of off-roading enthusiasts with their 4×4 Jeeps and SUVs raring to go. 4×4 refers to vehicles in which all four wheels are driven by the engine, it seems. I have a 1×2 by the way: a bike where one wheel is driven by the engine 😉


Here, there is a natural terrain that goes up and down. So they got on their vehicles and started to climb up and down the sandy terrain. Nowadays, as you might have noticed, the roads in Chennai are getting better. So maybe it’s sorta boring to drive on smooth roads always, that too with vehicles that are capable of much more, hence this hobby to relive the adventurous life one always dreams of — I guess. Just kidding! 🙂

The SUVs were *slightly* more comfortable, but for *raw excitement*, jeeps were the best. Actually, they make many modifications to the vehicles to make it safer and better for such off-roading activities. They do a lot of training and testing activity frequently. I found the group very helpful and they were constantly encouraging each other. As you can see in the below photo, someone marks the terrain and indicates readiness to the driver, who then jumps, I mean rides into the downward slope!


Getting back up is the more difficult part. Some of them took multiple attempts before climbing back up. Some even got struck in the mud, among the vegetation, etc. In rare cases, another car will go and pull the car out (with a rope).

So if you are bored with your car’s potential vs. smooth roads/traffic constrains in the city, you might want to explore joining the Terra Tigers team and learn how to do off-roading properly. Terra Tigers conducts a national-level competition in various categories for 4×4 vehicles called “Palar Challenge“. Since this year is the tenth anniversary of this event, they are mighty excited about it.


For further Information, visit Terra Tigers website.

I thank the Terra Tigers team for a wonderful off-roading experience over the weekend 🙂 Also, while we were there, I found some ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) brought by enthusiasts. A company called Polaris is manufacturing them in India, it seems. Here’s one —



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