Chocolate Sandwich shop @ Ashok Nagar, Chennai


When fellow blogger Jeevan introduced me to Chocolate Sandwich shop @ Ashok Nagar, Chennai, I was all excited to go. Because I love sandwiches and I have not eaten a chocolate sandwich before! When I went to the shop (Ashok Nagar 9th Avenue, opp. to Puliyanthope play ground), I found they offer much more than just chocolate sandwiches.


They have different types of chocolates, sandwiches, juices, milkshakes, french fries, etc. One of the partners of this shop dropped by and we had a long chat about many things. I asked him what’s special in their shop, and he suggested: Single origin chocolates (cocoa sourced from a single farm), sugar free chocolates, herbal chocolates, Hony Pe ja sandwich (Honey, peanut butter, mixed fruit jam), Hazelnut chocolate sandwich, Chocolate milk shake, etc.


One interesting thing he told me about chocolates is: Don’t bite the chocolate as soon as you put it in your mouth. Keep it in your mouth until it melts, then eat it. I tried it with the white chocolates with nuts that he gave me, and the taste was good! You guys should also try this. It seems good chocolates will melt. 



BTW, here is the hazelnut chocolate sandwich I bought there. The taste was good. The tomato sauce was not needed as the sandwich was already sweet. The prices are nominal right now as they have just started a couple of months back. So if you are in that area/will be around there, you might want to check it out soon 🙂

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