Do You Like to See Advertisements on Webpages?


Unlike many, I like to see ads on webpages I visit. I don’t understand why people consider ads to be irritating or distracting. I generally give half-a-second for any ad to interest me, maybe less. If it doesn’t, I’ll shift my focus. I can easily ignore ads I don’t want to see. 

Of course, I should admit that certain ads, like the ones they put on Youtube — see this 30 second ad and then we’ll let you see your 3 minute video (or) see this ad and you’ll be directed to the content later — are irritating indeed. Because they block the content and force me to see an unrelated advertisement (mostly).

I don’t like pop up/pop under kinda ads — fortunately I don’t see them much nowadays. I don’t like websites where a video ad starts playing once I enter — they create unnecessary noise and waste my bandwidth.

Anything else, is fine.

In fact, since I don’t watch TV or read newspapers much, I come to know about the latest products/services only through Internet website ads. Sometimes, the ads are even informative: I can learn when the IPL is going to start, when an interesting event is going to happen in my city, when a new movie/book/music album is getting released, etc.

Some ads are contextually relevant and useful. If I am reading an article on Air Conditioners and I see an interesting offer/ad for an AC, obviously I’d be interested to know more.

Sometimes, my browser “remembers” which sites I’ve visited and displays ads from exactly those companies. Actually, I don’t mind the tracking part, but why advertise a service that I’ve rejected in the past, again? That maybe irritating, but sometimes I am glad to rediscover something I forgot, or see it in a new light. So it depends.

Some ad graphics are simply beautiful and I admire the creativity of those designers. I’ve started to take a close look at them so I can adopt a few of those techniques myself 🙂

I read that an ad-blocker becomes a bestseller and is withdrawn because ‘its success doesn’t feel good‘. I find it amusing that a paid ad-blocker has even become a bestseller in the first place. Are people getting *too paranoid*?

It seems, in the future, ad networks can track you to the extent that they’ll be able to guess what you will want next (before you even realize it yourself) and advertise that.

I say, bring it on. It will be a great time saver 🙂

That’s the reason I don’t want to block all ads. I have already mastered the art of selectively watching only those ads I want to see. And I want to see some!

How about you? Do you like or hate ads?

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