Abstract Expressionism: Paintings by an Indian Artist


Assignment for readers: Look at the above paintings for a couple of minutes. And then mention in the comments section on what you feel. What comes to your mind? What do you imagine? It could be some thing, some emotion, anything.

Meet Samatha Sharma, the Indian artist/painter who creates art in the ‘Abstract Expressionism’ genre. These paintings are by her, and is a part of Movement series.

In India, we are exposed to art that is based on a form — some person, some object, some action, some thing. But there could also be art that is formless. Abstract Expressionism is a genre that seeks to get out of the idea that art needs to be based on objects (or) art needs to have a form.

I know it’s difficult to accept something like that, especially with the kind of art/paintings we are exposed to, here. Initially, when I looked at the paintings, I couldn’t figure out anything. But eventually, when I kept looking at it, the art elicited certain emotions out of me.

I was, of course, thinking in terms of forms — any objects that some corner of the painting reminded me, but at the end of the day, after being exposed to multiple paintings in the same genre, I realized form is not required to connect emotionally with art. For instance, certain colors make us feel in a certain way, don’t they?

I looked up the dictionary for the meaning of the word expressionism and here it is:

“A style of painting, music, or drama where the artist seeks to express the inner world of emotion rather than external reality.”

So, are you ready to give your answers for the assignment? There is no right or wrong, just tell us what you felt.

Here’s the artist’s email address if you want to connect/have a look at the paintings:[at]

Destination Infinity

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