My Autobiography: My Bad Luck in Sports Continues in Xth too…


I have written earlier about how my dream of wearing a purple jersey and representing my school for inter-school sports event was tarnished during my 6th Std. Now, I will write how another dream of mine — someone hanging a medal around my neck for winning a sports event was tarnished during my 10th Std.

I have received medals, as early as 3rd Std., but those were for cultural activities. Inspired by Olympic prize distribution ceremony, I wanted a medal for sports. When I won the 2nd prize for long jump during 6th Std. the school officials gave cups, not medals!

I shifted to a new school and noticed they were giving medals as prizes for sports. Enthused, I decided to practice long jump in which I thought I had the best chance. During my 7th, 8th and 9th Std. I tried hard, but the top three positions eluded me. During my 10th Std. also I gave my best shot, but failed once again.

I had almost given up hope, but an interesting situation manifested.

Frankly, I was never a champion runner, although I was a decent one. So, during my 10th Std. sports meet, when they announced the 100m DASH preliminaries I went to participate more for fun than with any hopes of winning. As expected, I was selected for the finals.

To my surprise I found two main runners, who could easily overtake me any day, were not among my competitors.  Since they were not confident of getting the first prize, I learned, they opted out of this event in order to have a better chance at winning the individual championship.

That left me with two other competitors — my best friend, the 100m DASH specialist champion, whom I couldn’t even dream of overtaking. And another competitor from the next class who had won the first place in the just concluded 200m DASH.

I didn’t take part in 200m DASH because I was a short distance runner. So while I was fresh from my class, he was looking exhausted. What a Luck, I thought 🙂

The whistle was blown and we started running. At half distance, I found myself in the second position. My best friend was miles in front, but the 200m guy was trailing closely behind. Somehow I kept up my lead right until the finish line and won SILVER 😀

I couldn’t believe it!! I had to repeat my name thrice to my P. T. master because he was not even familiar with me 😛

To my extreme happiness, Kris Srikkanth was the Chief Guest who was hanging the medals for prize winners during that year’s sports meet. So when our names were called, I was all smiles and raced to receive my medal.

As expected, he hanged the medal for the first prize winner. Then it was my turn. He got a certificate and a medal without a thread from the P. T. Master. So he just handed it over to me. But the medal for the third prize winner came with the thread and he hanged it around his neck.

Everyone got a medal with a thread, which they hung proudly throughout that day. But here I was, with a medal in my hands!!

Heck… 🙁 🙂

Destination Infinity

Picture Credit: By Teachmor (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.


  • SG

    Very sorry. It is the fault of the school administration. However, I know how you feel. Once, during my high school, during the award ceremony, they forgot my name. The next day, the teacher came to my home and gave me the award. Who wants that? I wanted to receive the award in front of whole school.

  • Alok singhal

    Well, I would say you got the medal atleast…. So be happy with that (I know how desperately you wanted it hanged around your neck!).

    Life doesn’t always work the way we like…and you can’t fight it!

  • Manogna

    Hmm, stuff like this happen sometimes to the best of the bests. Lucky to be even on the stage with kris srikanth i guess. Many dont get that chance either!

  • Sandhya Kumar

    I can understand how you felt at that time. The teachers didn’t take the effort to tie a new thread if the old one was not good. They should know the feelings of the children. But Srikanth gave you, even though in hand, the medal! Great, Rajesh!

  • sm

    congrats for medal
    enjoyed reading the narrative
    Yes i can understand your pain as you got it without thread and felt your dream half fulfilled.

  • Bikram

    oh no..

    reminds me we had a 4 * 400 metres relay trophy.. our team came first we got the cups and certificates but the Trophies were to be given on SPORTS day.. my parents and all had come for that and GUESS what they forgot to announce our trophy 🙁


  • Jeevan

    Obviously, when everyone received the medal in neck and only you in hand sure to make feel sad, that time! But glad u could receive medal from a great sports celebrity. In my life I never received an award, medal or cup… but only a certificate for coming neat and time to school 🙂

  • Rachna Chhabria

    A medal without a thread is so sad. I feel your childhood pain. I feel that the school authorities should be extra careful while handing out the prizes: medals without threads and certificates with the wrong spelling can be quite irritating.

  • Ashwini CN

    Oh My God! I can relate to your disappointment because I got this kind of a special treatment once, when I missed a chance to meet some celebrity in the dias because the person who was reading out the names missed my name. Sometimes Murphy loves us just too much!

    • Rajesh K

      This happened with me too, once. I created a ruckus by crying — not to go to the stage, but to get my prize. They had to find some other prize, wrap it instantly and give it to me, in order to console me! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Well, let’s put it this way: I was the only person to receive a medal from the celebrity in hands. Everyone else got it hung to their neck 😛

      Destination Infinity