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Boomers!: The Final Solution (Book Review)

Boomers!: The Final Solution is a Thriller novel written by Daniel Horne.

Gist: A newspaper reporter investigates a false shooting case at a party to find there is more going on behind the scenes and this murder might be just a cover up. A smuggler finds his usual route in Arizona desert bordering Mexico, Southern US, being monitored by Drone air crafts. He also finds his latest shipment and men missing. Who could be behind it?

The head of a large Chinese multinational company is about to buy large tracts of lands in Arizona desert. They are aided by corrupt politicians and police in the state. They already possess the region around North Mexico where they build a large factory. The Arizona land is the final piece of the puzzle and they plan to build a huge pipeline between the US and Mexico to transport . . . something they believe will make deserts become grasslands and will end the food shortage problem of the earth!

A professor, who accidentally witnesses the murder in the party by the police, has no other option to save his life but to work with others who are trying to decode and stop the Chinese takeover of US soil. A powerful newspaper owner, along with others mentioned here, team up to fight the large Chinese company. How will they do it . . . is the story.

The book starts good, progresses slowly in the middle, and ends well. The story line is excellent but the author repeats certain events in the middle of the book which elongates the story. I think that is the only glitch. Otherwise, the author makes us root for the characters and the story is believable.

The core concept on which the story is based on, is the best part of this book. Someone can even imagine such a solution to end hunger in the world is beyond me. The Chairman of the Chinese MNC genuinely believes he has a solution, but he doesn’t bother about the cost at which it comes. The author has created a powerful antagonist, and that makes the story interesting.

Initially, I thought the protagonists were too week to handle such big villains. But as the author brings everyone together, they become stronger, and the story is believable and even riveting at places.

Nice book for a weekend read, especially if you like to read in this genre.

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