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How to Disable Auto ReLoading of Tabs in Chrome

If, all of a sudden, you find some of your open tabs in Google Chrome browser reloading content again and again when you revisit them after sometime, and like me if you are losing work or time or peace of mind or all the three due to this feature being enabled by default, don’t worry. There is a way to disable this. 

Go to (type and press enter) chrome://flags/ in your Google Chrome Browser.

Scroll down to ‘Automatic Tab Discarding’ which may be near to the bottom of all those innumerable experimental options. If it is set to ‘Enabled’ or ‘Default’, just change it to ‘Disabled’.

It will ask you to reset/restart the browser to make the changes effective. Do it.

Now the browser will not kill any of your open but unused tabs and you can sleep in peace 🙂

It seems, open unused tabs were automatically killed to save some memory, as each tab might consume some 50 Mb when open. But nowadays, since laptops come with good amount of memory (RAM), I think you don’t have to worry about this. You can always switch it back to ‘Enabled’ anytime.

But I don’t know why you’d want to. I have (almost) lost work, lost videos that had loaded fully on the other tab, and most important – lost a lot of time as the browser kept killing and reloading almost all closed tabs just after 2-3 seconds of disuse, which is silly!

I think Google should disable this option by default for all Chrome users.

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PS: In the process of my suffering, I tried the new Microsoft Edge on my Windows 10, and should admit it has improved drastically when compared to the earlier Internet Explorer. The Edge is still not as fast as Chrome, but I suggest you too try it sometime 😉

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