Why We should Vote

When I attended the Sansad Ratna Awards ceremony, one of the speakers told us all why we should vote. It was highly convincing.

Actually, he was speaking against the concept of paid votes and how some people voting for a particular party because they’ve received money or some other freebies is not good for a Democracy. He was telling us how this affects the people in the long-term.

But what’s the solution? That’s when he told us something shocking.

“Stopping this is in YOUR hands.”

Now, how can we be responsible for that? We don’t take money and vote for any party, is what we were all thinking. Then, he said, political parties can only influence around 30% of the people (max) through money. Even this 30% will not vote for the same party, votes will still get fragmented.

But, if middle class and upper-middle class people don’t come out to vote, that 30% will become a major influencer in deciding who wins, he said.

Think about it: He’s right. If the remaining 70% of the people go and vote, the influence of the paid voters can be minimized to a good extent.

After listening to this explanation, I was convinced and I cast my first vote during the national elections, last year. This year too I intend to vote for the TN State Assembly polls.

Only, I am yet undecided on which party to vote for, but that’s a different problem all together 😉

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So, tell us – do you vote/not vote? And why?


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