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Fan Movie Review: Hopeless!! Did SRK Write the script?

Fan Movie Review: Hopeless!!

SRK has managed to look younger, and has also tried to act with the passion that possessed him during the Darr/Baazigar days. He managed to mask his age, but failed to mask the superficiality of his emotions. The older SRK was believable in some scenes, though.

To me, this movie is a HUGE letdown, irrespective of what his fanboys/publications might claim.

I suspect if the script was written by SRK himself. Only then, a movie can become such a mess. Even Rajni’s Baba was better!

The first half is totally unnecessary. We’ve seen that in many movies before. The second half showed promise, but was totally unbelievable. A superstar running behind a fan (literally) for silly reasons is not believable, at least to me.

I wonder if this is what superstars fantasize about: to have an ardent fan like the one shown in the movie. Since they are not getting any in real life, they console themselves by creating such ideal characters in movies!

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Disclaimer: Don’t go by my review alone. Movies that have been disliked by me in the past (like Baahubali) have been liked by many many people. So read other reviews too and then decide.

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