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An Indian Coupe Sports Car: DC Design Avanti!

We are familiar with coupe-styled sports cars from global manufacturers, but did you know that there is an Indian designed and Indian manufactured Coupe Sports Car?

Presenting to you: DC Avanti.

dc-design-avanti-chennai-trade-center-express-auto-expo-2016-1 dc-design-avanti-chennai-trade-center-express-auto-expo-2016-2

I took the above photos at Express Auto Expo 2016 today at Chennai Trade Center. Mr. Dilip Chhabria (after whom DC Design is named) started out designing and manufacturing accessories for premium cars. But eventually, he saw the need for an ‘affordable’ sports car (around 40 Lac!!) and produced India’s first sports car – DC Avanti.

I love the looks of this car. Only the blue and black versions were available at the expo today, but these cars are available in other (more vibrant) colors too.

Have a look at the below embedded short video made by the company that gives a clearer view of the car –

Hozz ittt? 🙂

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