Being More Indian: Arranged Marriage

I consider arranged marriages to be an Indian phenomenon. Of course, it exists in other countries also, but Indian arranged marriages are unique – don’t you think?

As you all know I got married the arranged marriage way.

It’s not that I was against love marriage or anything. In fact, I fell in love as early as 5th Std. And that was the second time.

But the issue is, for a lazy guy like me, I expect a girl to walk into my house with a bouquet full of roses, knock the door, come inside my room and propose to me as I am working on my computer. Of course, I could turn my head towards her for a short while 😛

Now you have an idea how unrealistic my expectations on this topic can be.

Obviously, with such unimaginable hopes (for others), ‘love’ never happened in my life 🙂

So the only option available to me (practically) was arranged marriage. In this institution, the best thing I like is, the bridegroom doesn’t have to do much. Parents bring the profiles, I shortlist them. Parents talk to potential bride’s families, I just need to talk once to the bride. Parents fix engagement, marriage, etc., I just need to be there.

In many ways, arranged marriage was made for people like me 🙂

Although there is this enormous risk of marrying and living with a person about whom you don’t know much, somehow the majority of the arranged marriages click. At least in our circle, it does.

I was also fortunate to get a wife whom I (later) realized was a very good match for me, without being sure about it before the marriage.

Marriage has made me a more balanced and a more confident person. In fact, my life transformed from black & white to colour, bubbles & bells – literally. Don’t believe me? See the short video below for proof  😀

Destination Infinity

This post was written for a contest sponsored by Lufthansa, the German airline company that owns the world’s second largest fleet of airplanes. As a part of their #MoreIndiaThanYouThink strategy, they greet their (Indian) passengers with a traditional namaste, they serve Indian meals & chai, they also provide Indian content – films, news & music to flight passengers. Have a look at their #MoreIndianThanYouThink initiatives from here. Also, don’t miss the below embedded Lufthansa TVC –



  • SG

    I am very happy you have a successful marriage.

    Lufthansa is not the only airlines to greet their (Indian) passengers with a traditional namaste, serve Indian meals & chai, and also provide Indian content – films, news & music to flight passengers. Many airlines do all of them. In addition, Singapore Airlines are making in-flight announcements in Tamil and they have menu cards printed in Tamil.

    • Rajesh K

      I heard that Tamil is one of the national languages of Singapore. I have seen Tamil characters printed on Singapore coins. That’s probably because Singapore has a considerable Tamil population living there. Good to know that other airlines also customize their offerings for Indians.

      Destination Infinity

  • Avada Kedavra

    Great that you found a good person even though you went through arranged marriage. Arranged marriage worked for me too. I don’t think I could have found a better person on my own 🙂 but it is a gamble I think – clicks for some folks and doesn’t work for others. You need to be lucky I guess 🙂

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