Our New Photo Light Box for Product Photography

Photo Light box for Product Photography

So here is our new Photo Light Box with LED Lights for Product Photography. We’ll mostly be using it to take photos of our fashion jewellery products, but we can also use it to photograph other small products that can fit in.

There are two main uses of taking photos using a light box setup. One, we can get product photos with a neat/uniform white or black background – without any distractions. Second, the LED light mounted on the box provides a focused light source close to the product and the white walls reflect light inside the product – so the product looks bright and well lit.

This Light Box setup is mobile – it’s easy to fold and take it around. The LED lights can be powered using any USB power source including power bank, laptop, etc. Two backdrops were included in this – white & black, but there are other products that come with more colour options.

The flexible plastic and the backdrop material are photography-friendly as they don’t seem like they’d catch dust or stains anytime soon. I just wish there was an opening on the top/sides for photographing from a different angle, and more LED lights that could focus light from different directions.

For now, as we are mostly going to take photos of our fashion jewellery products, this seems to be sufficient. I just wish it was a larger in size.

Anyway, here is the final image after adjustments and effects were added via a photo editing tool. Howzz itt?? 🙂

Light Box Photo after Photo Editing
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