What a Missed (Selfie) Opportunity!

I will show you a selfie later in this post. But there is an interesting story behind it, I will tell that first.

Today I went to an event on startups and scaling one’s business organised by Zoho and YourStory at Crown Plaza, Adyar Gate, TTK Road. They had invited Mr. Mofai K Pandiarajan, founder of the popular Mofai HR Consultancy and now the Minister for Tamil Official Language, Tamil Culture and Archeology (Government of Tamil Nadu) from the AIADMK Party, and acting M.L.A. from Avadi Constituency.

The minister gave an excellent speech and I was quite inspired. I enjoyed the proceedings of the day and went on to have my dinner after the event. Once I finished eating, I went and took a small water bottle.

As I was drinking the water, a small crowd formed around me. I noticed that the Minister was two people ahead of me. The first person explained about his business and how he planned to scale his business, etc. and went away. The second person (in my front) explained how they were connecting home cooks to office goers and how he was planning to make it bigger than dabba-wallas in Mumbai. And then he also went away.

Now there was no one between me and the minister. The minsiter saw me, anticipating me to come up with how I was planning to scale my business and other such. But I was not standing there to meet him in the first place!

So I quickly grasped the opportunity and asked him if I could take a selfie with him. “Idhukkagavum event-ku varanga pola irrukku” nu nenachirupparu! Anyway, he said OK and I immediately took my phone and switched ON the flash to take a clearer picture. That was my biggest mistake of the evening.

My camera will first flash, and then after a second or so it will flash a couple of times more and only then it will take the photo. By the time it flashed for the first time, he thought the selfie was taken and started moving forward. But I was in a standstill position.

As you might have guessed, the selfie that resulted was eerie, to say the least. What a missed (selfie) opportunity! Here it is, for your viewing pleasure 🙂

missed selfie opportunity

To compensate for this selfie, I took another one at the entrance of this hotel – a selfie with the wall and artificial fountain. This time, I captured it perfectly 😛 🙂

selfie with wall fountain
Destination Infinity


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