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Taboola: Connecting Local Language Publishers & Advertisers in India

Yesterday I went to a Press Roundtable meet organized by Taboola in Chennai.

Taboola calls themselves as a Content Discovery Platform. They help publishers connect with advertisers in the digital medium – both web & mobile.

For advertisers, they help their sponsored message reach people consuming content on the open web, excluding search and social networks – mostly on publisher websites and mobile properties.

With publishers, they share the revenue earned from advertisers for the clicks on their properties, on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. They also work with local language publishers in India publishing in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and other languages in addition to publishers publishing in English.

Taboola provides a publisher dashboard through which publishers can control and set their own ad preferences. Publishers, however, cannot select particular ads that they want to appear on the platform as ads are generally optimized based on the user and their content consumption patterns.

Taboola gives their publishers access to Taboola Newsroom that provides editorial teams with visitor interaction data in real-time, as well as insights on trending topics from Taboola’s publisher network.

Globally, Taboola works with large publishers like CNBC, NBC News, USA Today, Huffington Post, etc. Even in India, they have signed up with large publishers like The Hindu, Malayalam Manorama Group, India Today, etc.

Below-embedded is a ten-minute video interview I did with Mr. Ran Buck, SVP – Global Revenue, Taboola. If you are a publisher having a significant digital presence, you’ll want to see this to better understand how Taboola can help you monetize and engage your readers/viewers.

BTW, yesterday’s press meet was to announce Taboola’s exclusive partnership with Andhra Jyothi, a leading Telugu publisher with over 100 million page views across India and the US.

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