My Autobiography: How did an Engineering Degree help me?

In NO WAY. In fact, it has only harmed me and I took a long time to unlearn the propaganda of the Education mafia, and learn the necessary skills required for adding professional value. Me, like millions of other Indians, have suffered a lot, wasted a lot of money, time, skills, etc. by deciding to do that SILLIEST of courses here – Engineering. That very word gives me nightmares. Four years is by no means a little time. And all I did during those four years was to memorize many words and equations just before the exams, all of which […]

My Autobiography: The glassy Goal!

Like all kids, my favorite game was cricket. But we used to break a lot of neighboring apartment window glasses by playing cricket! So, we sometimes changed the games that we played in order to convince the apartment residents that we were not playing cricket and hence their window glasses were safe. We used this technique to temporarily divert their attention. So, during one such change, we shifted to football. We kids, as usual, were convinced that no glass would be broken by this ‘peaceful’ game 😛 During one football match, we were trailing 0-3 and were under a lot […]

My Autobiography: ‘Teaching’ my Teachers!!

I want to fast-forward my life to around 2-weeks back when I got a unique opportunity to ‘teach’ (some of) my school teachers. Actually it was a short presentation showing them how to do something but still I’d like to count it as a teaching experience. I went to the same auditorium where I spent many hours playing and acting and praying and . . .  🙂 Think about this: How many of us could ever hope to get an opportunity to teach our school teachers, even if only for 15 minutes? I guess I am extremely lucky that I […]

My Autobiography: WWF

WWF stands for World Wrestling Federation. It’s also loosely used to indicate the ‘sport’ in which there are practically no rules. One person can hit another person however in any style they like and many of these ‘professional wrestling artists’ had their own style! WWF was the rage when I was studying in 6th Std. or so. We were all awed by the lack of rules in the sport and the freestyle with which one contestant hit another. It was the meanest thing we had seen yet and at that age we were easily drawn towards the ‘sport’. I still […]

My Autobiography: When Life took a U-Turn in XI Std.

This is a difficult post for me to write. That’s because, my life took a U-Turn from the glories of Xth Std where I had finished second in my class and fourth in my school. In 6-8 months, I found my rank slip to 25+ in XIth Std., and even worse in XIIth Std. I always took academics seriously and my results reflected that. One thing changed in XI – I shifted from CBSE to the *dreadful* Matric system where one had to memorize even Maths problems (Millions are forced to do just that in India). I hated this new syllabus […]

My Autobiography: My College Friend

College friendships are always special. We can easily remember our college friends over a long time, without much of an effort. The above photo was taken 4-5 months back, but our friendship goes back to seventeen long years – all the way back to 1999 when I joined college. This friend, Prasad, sat one bench behind me almost throughout the four years we studied Engineering. There was one more factor that quickly brought us close – along with another friend called Praveen, the three of us were batchmates during most of the Practical classes in those *wretched* electronics labs. This guy […]

My Autobiography: My Bad Luck in Sports Continues in Xth too…

I have written earlier about how my dream of wearing a purple jersey and representing my school for inter-school sports event was tarnished during my 6th Std. Now, I will write how another dream of mine — someone hanging a medal around my neck for winning a sports event was tarnished during my 10th Std. I have received medals, as early as 3rd Std., but those were for cultural activities. Inspired by Olympic prize distribution ceremony, I wanted a medal for sports. When I won the 2nd prize for long jump during 6th Std. the school officials gave cups, not […]

My Autobiography: When we believed in Hoaxes!

I remember two instances during my childhood when people in my area believed in religious hoaxes and they got spread quickly. One was Lord Ganesha drinking milk. I returned from school one day to find everyone in my apartments talking about Lord Ganesha drinking milk. Believing it, I too went to the nearby Vinayagar Temple (along with my friends) to check it out.