Audiobooks – My new way to Read (Listen)!

Since most of my work involves the laptop, my eyes get tired easily nowadays. I generally work for 45 minutes or 1 hour and then take a break. During the breaks, I am unable to see the TV or read as my eyes need rest. So I was wondering how to engage myself productively during that time. That’s when I came across Audible Audiobooks. I have been listening to eBooks even before – I use a text to speech app on my Android phone, and a robotic voice would read books/documents to me. As you could guess, this was not […]

My Book Trailer Video for The Archers Revenge

I am sure you all remember the book I wrote and published around five-years ago – The Archers Revenge. It’s a crime fiction/thriller novella. Nowadays, as I am creating videos, I thought why not create a video trailer for my own book? So after a week’s efforts, here it is – The Book Trailer 🙂 This trailer runs just for 45s, still, it takes so much time to make. I created this video from scratch, didn’t use any template – btw. I have used page flipping animation so that the book feel is retained even in the video format. I […]

Kindle Short Story by My Friend – Sarath Babu

Hi people, My good friend, blogger and now author – Sarath Babu has published a short story on Amazon Kindle titled, “One Plot Many Stories“. It is currently free on Kindle, but it will be free only for a short period of time as Amazon allows authors to give away their books for free just for 4-5 days in two months. So make sure you download the book while it is free – you can read it on mobile, laptop, Kindle, etc. If you are interested in short stories, do read the book – “One Plot Many Stories“. The book […]

The Message of Shiva Trilogy books by Amish Tripathi

I just finished reading *The Shiva Trilogy* series by Amish Tripathi. Excellent books – I highly recommend all the three. The core message conveyed by the books (as I understand) is: What we think is our greatest good will eventually become our greatest bad, and vice versa. Personally, I am surprised by my own inner transformation. After reading the three books, I have stopped judging people as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Not that I was doing much of that earlier, but still.. I now accept that everyone (me included) are both good and bad, and we are designed like that for […]

Book Review: ‘A Minute to Death’ by Ganga Bharani

A very good mystery but an unconvincing climax. A Minute to Death by Ganga Bharani is a crime fiction/mystery novel set in Chennai, the hometown of the author. I have to write a disclaimer here that the author is my friend, but you should know that I don’t let friendships influence my reviews. Coming to the book, I seriously enjoyed around 80% of the book as it kept me guessing who the killer might be. Or if there was killing at all. Maybe the romantic scenes and the dialogues were a bit overdone and not that critical to the story, […]

Book Review: The Secret of The Nagas (Shiva Trilogy #2)

The Secret of the Nagas is the second book in the Shiva Trilogy series authored by Amish Tripathi. It’s a Historical/Mythological Thriller set in ancient India. After I finished reading the first book, I just had to pick up this second book and start reading it immediately to find out what happens next. And the book didn’t disappoint me! Story-wise, The Secret of the Nagas, is even better than the first book, The Immortals of Meluha. It didn’t feel slow or slacking, unlike the first book where some initial chapters seemed to move slow. I have already bought and am […]

Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy #1): Book Review

Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi is the first book of the Shiva Trilogy series published by Westland Books. Book Rating: 4 Stars. Book Review in one line: I loved the book, but it could have been shorter/tighter. I like historical fiction books that have been written after exhaustive research. From the day I listened to Amish at the Hindu Lit for Life event I wanted to read this book. I finally bought the audio book version from Flipkart. So I finished ‘listening’ to it. I think this was one of the best selling books in India back when it was […]

Fiction on Domestic Abuse: The Other End of the Corridor

The Other End of the Corridor is a fiction book written by Sujata Rajpal. It deals primarily with domestic abuse and one woman’s journey through it. Our Chennai Bloggers Club organized the book launch event for this book, ‘Sense and Sensibility’, held at Odyssey book shop, Adyar, Chennai. The book launch was hosted by the author Sujata Rajpal and Sharada Vijay, author of ‘Make it 2’. In the photo you can also see Bragadeesh Prasanna, an upcoming author himself, and the Co-admin of Chennai Bloggers Club. There was a brief discussion about domestic abuse in Q&A format, between the two […]

Songs of the Mist (The Monk Key #1): Book Review

Songs of the Mist, the first book in The Monk Key series, is a spiritual/literary fiction written by my author friend Shashi. Since I have never read a book in this genre, I was curious to read this. “Death is not the destruction of your body or the flowing stream, but the merging of your dreams, desires, sorrow and anger into an eternal calm of eternity.”

My Short Fiction eBook is *Free* for 3 Days on Amazon Kindle (13 – 15 Feb)

Video Trailer for the e-book: My eBook, ‘Short Stories with a Twist’ is free to buy on Amazon Kindle for three days from 13th Feb. – 15th Feb., 2016. I request you all to download the book now and read it using free Kindle apps available for Computer, Tablet or Mobile – when you get time.