Bank Loans in Chennai: Fund your Business through (Un)/Secured Loans

This is a guest post by Mr. Ramesh Babu of Krishika Financial & Investment Services (click to visit website). Why should an Entrepreneur borrow Money? If your product/service is established and your business is generating profits, a proven way to increase your revenue and reduce your costs is to scale up. Loans offer a quick way to expand your working capital. Loans are not only for small businesses, even large companies like Reliance, TVS, etc. take loans. It helps them achieve economies in scale and capture new markets effectively. What are the other opportunities for Bank Loans in the current […]

2019 Mother’s Day Contest by Preethi Kitchen Appliances

This is a press release. Recipe for the Perfect #DateWithMom Preethi Kitchen Appliances Announces Its Annual Mother’s Day Contest. Chennai, May 8, 2019: 2 cups of love + 1 cup of patience + ½ tsp of sleepless nights + a pinch of laughter + a dash of tears + a handful of memories – the recipe for a good mother is indeed difficult to follow! She is your reliable advisor, your constant cheerleader, and your closest confidant – she is the family’s rock star. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to show your appreciation for her. So, […]

What is Cleft and How can it be Prevented/Cured?

Image Credit: Anamaya Indo Pacific Facebook page. Summary: Cleft is an opening that appears in-between the upper lip and the nose (on the outside) or/and on the upper mouth (on the inside). Clefts develop in babies during early pregnancy due to factors like genetics, bad eating/drinking choices, medication side effects, or even due to diabetes. Clefts can be prevented by taking pre-conception folic acid supplements, or after birth via surgery and therapies. What is Cleft? Cleft is a birth defect in kids that happens because the skin/tissues that should have surrounded the lip/mouth area did not connect fully during the […]

3 success stories of young people who became wealthy after investing

Is there a sure short mantra that one can apply to investing? After all, the core purpose of investing is to create wealth for the future. But there is nothing like any one single way or one simple way. As Euclid put it very succinctly, “Excellency, there is no royal road to Geometry”. Similarly, there is no royal road to investing. An investment journey has to necessarily combine home work, diligence, patience, discipline, conviction and pragmatism. It is only when you combine these 6 attributes that you can actually create wealth through investments. Before we get into specific cases and […]