Highway Eat-Gazing

Don’t search the meaning of eat-gazing in dictionaries. You won’t find it – I just inveted the term πŸ™‚ One of my favorite past times, especially when I am traveling on my bike in closed highway routes (like the Maduravoyil-Tambaram highway) is to eat-gaze. Let me explain. I travel some distance into the highway. These are closed toll highways that do not have openings or shops – mostly for the entire stretch. Once I cross a few hundred meters, sufficient to confirm that the vehicles behind me cannot turn back, I stop my bike on the side. I select an […]

Who is Your Favourite Heroine?

Normally, this is a very easy question to answer. I would have even give answers in multiples of ten(s) had someone asked me this question during my college days. But giving an answer to the question, ‘who is your favourite heroine’ is quite difficult, when someone asks me after marriage. Especially when that someone happens to be my wife. This question is a double-edged sword. And being honest is only going to work against you. So, I have a strategy. Whenever my wife asks me this question (yeah, they ask the same question multiple times) I tell her that my […]

Why Indian Railways is too Eager for Feedback all of a sudden?

Recently, I was travelling by Train and suddenly a Railways employee came to clean it. In the next five minutes a few people (including yours truly) received a rather elaborate feedback form and a pen to fill it. Not knowing what rating to give on the provided scale of 1 to 5, I filled up numbers between 2 – 4 to give them an average rating of 3. This is similar to the technique I used to answer multi-choice questions in exams, but that’s for a different post. I left the PNR No. column empty. But the attendant wouldn’t take […]

Exercise for a Cause #GoGreen :)

via GIPHY. Among the ingenious things that we do hopingΒ our videos go viral (but not a single one actually does) you can add this one too. This is an exercise video we created along with two cute animated cartoons to promote the cause of #GoGreen. (Read: To promote the cause of our virality :P) Although the video shows us repeatedly exercising, we actually did it only once. Since it’s a GIF, the actually 6-sec video keeps repeating on the loop giving the impression that we exercised for a long time πŸ˜€ Destination Infinity PS: Hope you liked the video. Even […]

Is it worth taking the risk to travel to far-off places?

With so much negativity being portrayed all around the earth (especially by the media outlets) should we still embrace the world and its people? Is it worth taking the risk to travel to far-off places? If that sounds like a difficult question, consider this – NASA’s Hubble has just uncovered the farthest star ever seen. It’s called Icarus and it’s hundreds of thousands of times bigger than our Sun. What’s more interesting is, it’s located effing FIVE BILLION LIGHT YEARS away from the earth. Do you even realize the significance of the last statement you just read? If you travel […]

The Great Escape!!

Rainy day. Snowey mountain. Three bombs coming right at Ramya. Can she slide downhill fast enough to escape from all of them? Watch the below-embedded short video (thriller) to find out πŸ™‚ As a part of my work, I am learning to create special effects and this video is the result of wanting to take a break from all that serious learning. Of course, this was made casually just for fun – there is nothing professional about it. Hope you liked the bombs. Ramya liked them very much πŸ™‚ Destination Infinity

My Digital Valentines Day Gift to my Wife

This year, I thought of giving a digital video greeting card as a gift for Valentine’s day to my wife. So I made the above video. Jokes apart, I am shortly ordering a handbag for her from Amazon πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ Destination Infinity PS: Did you actually think I’ll get away with just that video?Β I should, however, admit that yesterday, I naively thought I would πŸ™‚ The icing is not the cake – today’s hard-learned lesson πŸ˜›

Why do People Include Degrees after their Names?

I am not jealous. Just curious. Why do people include their degrees after their names? Recently, I saw a board before a marriage hall where the groom’s name was immediately followed by a ‘BE’. My first reaction was, ‘Dude, there are a million BEs coming out of engineering colleges in TN alone, every year. Are you telling proudly to everyone that you are just one of those million people? And that you mugged up text in multiple text books (xerox copies of books written by local authors) to pass BE?’

Upcoming Standup Comedians: Sharada & Prason of CBC

It’s my pleasure to inform you that two bloggers from our Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) performed a stand-up comedy in front of a live audience @ Chennai recently. They have even uploaded their show on Youtube πŸ™‚ So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the upcoming stand-up comedy artists Sharada & Prason. Have a look at the videos embedded below and enjoy πŸ™‚Β