Book Launch: Tattva – Eat and Live

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Rajesh K (@wowsuper_net) on Jun 9, 2019 at 8:38am PDT Photo with the author of ‘Tattva – Eat and Live’, Dr. Shaily Agarwal @ Writers Cafe, Egmore. Yesterday I went to Dr. Shaily Agarwal ‘s book launch event. The book ‘Tattva – Eat and Live’ is about food as medicine, based on Ayurveda. It’s good to see doctors promoting preventive medicine and healthy lifestyles. The book has information on best foods to eat per season, timing, etc. so that you can maintain the harmony and balance of ur body. There are […]

One Self-Help Book that made me STOP reading all others

I was tagged by Ashwini (on Facebook) to name seven best books for seven days. I won’t do that. I’ll name just one self-help book that made me stop reading self-help books altogether. Because no other book is ever required. If you feel short of inspiration, just read this book all over again. Simple. *Steve Jobs* by *Walter Isaacson* is that book. No, this is not just a biography. It is a lesson on obsession with quality. It’s about one man’s obsession to give the best products/services that neither the consumers nor the competition would even think of. The book […]

Book Launch ~ SPONGE: Leadership Lessons I Learnt From My Clients

This is a press release. Brand Strategist and author, Ambi Parameswaran, will be launching his latest book – SPONGE: Leadership Lessons I Learnt From My Clients at MMA Management Centre, Chennai on Wednesday, 01st August 2018 at 6:00 PM. Ambi will be in conversation with S Mahalingam, Former CFO & Executive Director, Tata Consultancy services & Ramesh Ramanathan, Managing Director, Sterling Resorts India Ltd. SPONGE is an attempt to present the interesting conversations Ambi has had with the doyens of the corporate world, in an easy to read anecdotal form. The book is for corporate executives, management students and anyone […]

My Love for Biographies

These are the books (Biographies of famous personalities – in Tamil) I bought from Chennai Puthaga Sangamam exhibition at Periyar Thidal yesterday. Every time I visit a book fair, I am always attracted to history/biography books. That’s strange because I didn’t have much of an affinity towards History during my school days. I started reading autobiographies only from the last year of my college. And I remember liking them instantly 🙂 The first book I read was Emperor Napoleon’s biography. Then I read books about Hitler & Stalin and the Second world war. Then I read a few business biographies […]

Book Review – Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur

‘Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur’ by Derek Sivers of CD Baby fame is supposed to be a self-help book on startups/business, but it’s more of an autobiography than business advice. There are 40 lessons in this book alright, but most of them are applicable to a personality like Derek Sivers in certain unique situations. I don’t think these lessons can be generalized as the author hopes. But since no lesson can be generalized, there is a lot to learn from individual unique experiences. 

My Experiments with Truth – M K Gandhi (Book Review)

‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’ is a partial autobiography of M K Gandhi. He explains how various events molded his character, how he developed his philosophies, and how he followed them stringently even through periods of extreme trial. This book contains the important events of the his life from the time of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth (Oct. 02, 1869) to 1921, when the book was published. We know Mahatma Gandhi. But how did M K Gandhi become Mahatma Gandhi? How was one person able to live truthfully, able to convince millions of people to follow him – given his unconventional […]

My Life in Advertising by Claude Hopkins (Book Review)

My Life in Advertising by Claude Hopkins is a classic non-fiction book where the author, a successful advertising professional, shares his experiences in that field. I don’t work in advertising, but I still loved this book. Here is the link for the free eBook. Claude Hopkins lived from 1866 to 1932. Yes, it’s a long time back, but I think most of his principles and advise applies even today. To outsiders, advertising seems to be an easy field where people write some smart lines accompanied by a beautiful pictures and get paid handsomely for it. But if you read […]

Money Wise: Wealth Management/Investment Book for Indians (Book Review)

Money Wise: The Aam Aadmi’s Guide to Wealth and Financial Freedom is a wealth management/financial investment book written for common middle class and upper middle class Indians. High time someone wrote a book on this topic and I am glad that the popular fiction author Sharath Komarraju, has done it! This book has been published by Harper Collins India.