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    Our New Drone Camera: DJI Ryze Tello :)

    In spite of my apprehensions and my assurances (foremost to myself), I just couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a Drone camera, especially at this attractive price. So bought the DJI Ryze Tello 🙂 Here is our drone hovering steadily in the air – In short, I am in love with this new toy 😀 That, in spite of not being able to figure out how to make the Tello app store the streamed photos and videos it takes, in my cell phone for one whole week. It turned out that the app was initially asking permission to utilise the storage and GPS but I (many before me too) didn’t…

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    GoPro for Commercial Videography?

    I am confused. I am a Video Creator. Of late, I am getting enquiries to make company introduction videos. I would have to record short customer interviews, glimpses inside their office/manufacturing environment, etc. These are typically short – less than 2/3 minutes and they’ll mostly be a part of promo videos I make for them. Promo Videos mostly contain animation, video backgrounds, messages with text effects, motion graphics, etc. and the recorded videos may be a small part in it. As you may have guessed, I am more of a video editor and not a videographer. But since a few customers want, I am considering to create a small mobile…

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    Photo Printed on a Canvas in India: PhotoJaanic

    Recently we got one of our favourite photos printed on a 12″ x 8″ photo canvas which we then hung in our living room. We clicked this photo (actually someone else clicked it for us) at Click Art Museum, at VGP Snow World, ECR, Chennai. We have already printed this as a postcard sized photo, put it on a photo frame, and kept it on our table. But it was not gaining any attention from anyone – it was too small. But this new photo on canvas print screams for attention. I don’t think anyone visiting our hall will go without looking at it 😀 Earlier, I had ordered our…

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    What a Missed (Selfie) Opportunity!

    I will show you a selfie later in this post. But there is an interesting story behind it, I will tell that first. Today I went to an event on startups and scaling one’s business organised by Zoho and YourStory at Crown Plaza, Adyar Gate, TTK Road. They had invited Mr. Mofai K Pandiarajan, founder of the popular Mofai HR Consultancy and now the Minister for Tamil Official Language, Tamil Culture and Archeology (Government of Tamil Nadu) from the AIADMK Party, and acting M.L.A. from Avadi Constituency. The minister gave an excellent speech and I was quite inspired. I enjoyed the proceedings of the day and went on to have…

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    Selfie with Somdev Devvarman :D

    Somdev Devvarman, as you know, has been the No. 1 Singles Tennis player in India for quite sometime. Today, I got an opportunity to take a Selfie photo with him at the SDAT Nungambakkam Stadium, Chennai, as he came to the promote the Marina Open 2 – Indian Wheelchair Tennis Tour event. Destination Infinity PS: Woohoooo 🙂 😛 😀

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    Drone Camera in India: To Buy or Not to Buy

    Over the last few days, I have been searching the Internet on what people think about buying and using an entry-level drone camera in India. I would want to use it mostly for personal/recreational purposes but sometimes I may want to take it to a few events to get short photo/video snippets from a different angle. Looks like this question is more complex than it sounds. In fact, one major online publisher even wrote that it’s legal to buy a drone in India, but illegal to use it! Drone pilots are facing problems at multiple places across India – the Internet is filled with such stories. It seems any drone…

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    Our New Photo Light Box for Product Photography

    So here is our new Photo Light Box with LED Lights for Product Photography. We’ll mostly be using it to take photos of our fashion jewellery products, but we can also use it to photograph other small products that can fit in. There are two main uses of taking photos using a light box setup. One, we can get product photos with a neat/uniform white or black background – without any distractions. Second, the LED light mounted on the box provides a focused light source close to the product and the white walls reflect light inside the product – so the product looks bright and well lit. This Light Box…