Kannagi Nagar Wall Paintings @ Chennai

You’ll be surprised to know the latest tourist destination of Chennai – it’s Kannagi Nagar, a fisherman resettlement colony! Yesterday I went to a Photo Walk organized by Madras Photo Bloggers to Kannagi Nagar to take some snaps of the beautiful wall paintings that have recently decorated the apartments there, thanks to St+Art India and Asian Paints. Here is a Short Video with a few pics taken at Kannagi Nagar by me – This area has around 80,000 people, and a few of the four-floor apartments built for their resettlement (Tsunami, Adyar river beautification, etc.) are in the process of […]

VGP Marine Kingdom – Underwater Aquarium in Chennai!

VGP Marine Kingdom is the latest addition to the VGP Amusement park, Snow Kingdom, Click Art Museum, Live Art Museum entertainment complex. VGP Marine Kingdom is a fully Air-Conditioned complex that houses many species of fish – some quite rare for this part of the world. There are small fishes and large fishes like sharks, stingrays, starfishes, etc. The initial part of this aquarium houses transparent fish tanks in various sizes, while the second part that contains the larger fishes like sharks is designed similar to a walk-through tunnel where the fishes are all around you. At Rs. 500 per […]

Madhavaram Horticulture Park

A short video with pics taken during our recent visit to Madhavaram Horticulture Park, Chennai is embedded above. This park is similar to Semmozhi Poonga, but it is much bigger – there are many more trees, plants, etc. But it’s not as beautiful as Semmozhi Poonga though. Madhavaram, or at least its surroundings, in itself is so green. So a horticulture-themed park that too inside the city is surely an added bonus. There is ample parking for cars, bikes and this place is ticketed – I think the entry ticket is Rs. 15 per adult. There are tickets for bike […]

Boating in Chennai: Chetpet Eco Park

I have written about my Chetpet Eco Park boating experience before. That was 3-years ago. So I thought why not revisit the park now and see what new amenities have been added for tourists, so this blog post. Let’s start with a short overview video of the Chetpet Eco Park.  The first striking difference I noticed was the addition of new paintings and information boards. These are really beautiful. I saw a few stone models/sculptures too, but I have seen them during my previous visit.  Last time, there was a small food court near the children’s play area. But this […]

The (Rail) Coach Restaurant @ Chennai Rail Museum

The Chennai Rail Museum has opened a new A/C Restaurant inside its premises, aptly titled – ‘The Coach Restaurant’. I got to know that this is the first restaurant built inside an actual rail coach, in India. The second one is coming up in Mumbai – it seems. Since this venue is closer to our house (ICF – Villivakkam) it’s easy for us to go there whenever. We went to the Chennai Rail Museum again to have a look at this newly opened restaurant and the metal sculptures made with scrap materials (I am yet to make a video for […]

PVR ICON Cinemas @ VR Mall, Anna Nagar

PVR ICON Cinemas has just opened at the 3rd floor of the VR Mall at Anna Nagar, Chennai. The VR Mall was opened only 2-3 months back, so the entire setup is new. And big. If I remember correctly, there were 10 screens in this Cinema Complex. 10 screens. I don’t think I have seen as many theatres within a single complex anywhere else in Chennai – except maybe Mayajaal. The ticket rates are on par with other theatres. We went to see ’96 (First half was OK, second half was so slow.) and the tickets were priced at Rs. […]

Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi Memorial, Marina Beach

Embedded above is a short video showing photos and clips from our yesterday’s visit to Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi Memorial/Samadhi at Marina Beach, Chennai. This is located right inside the Anna Samadhi premises just next to the Anna Square bus stand. Adjacent to this complex lies the MGR Samadhi & Dr. J. Jayalalitha Samadhi. So the term Anna Square now makes sense with four memorials for the four important political icons of Tamil Nadu over the previous 6-7 decades. Ten Facts about Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi – Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi was the longtime DMK Chief and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for […]

Forest Genetic Resources Tree Park near Vandalur, Chennai

Tamil Nadu Forest Department has built the Forest Genetic Resources Tree Park at Kolapakkam, near Vandaloor Zoo at Chennai. Actually, this huge park is located on the Kelambakkam-Vandalur highway after crossing Vandaloor Zoo. So, if you are going from Tambaram towards Chengalpettu, you’ll have to take the left turn just after Vandalur Zoo and travel a couple of Kilo Meters down the road. I guess it’s not walkable distance from the zoo, try to travel in a vehicle. It seems this park has just been opened on 16th August 2018 by Dindigul C. Sreenivasan, Hon’ble Minister for Forests, TN. I […]

Temple Atop a Small Hill in Chennai (Veera Anjaneyar, Kelambakkam)

If you are looking to visit a Temple over a small hill near Chennai, Sri Veera Anjaneyar Swamy Temple – Hanuman Temple with Ramar-Seethai idols, located at Pudhukuppam, close to Pudhukuppam bus stop, off Vandalur-Kelambakkam road (Google Maps link for location) is a good choice. The above photo was taken at the foot of the hill which contains an arch with a large statue at either side, and a Pillayar (Ganapathy) Temple on the side. People who wish to walk can park their vehicles here and go, which is what we did. But there is another route for cars/bikes to […]

Rama Bhakta Anjaneyar Temple @ Kolathur/Madhavaram

So today being Rama Navami we went to the Rama Bhakta Anjaneyar Temple at Kolathur/Madhavaram. Actually, we are not very sure about the area as the address (Roja Nagar) seems to appear in both Kolathur and Madhavaram. Anyway, this Google Maps link should guide you better with the location. This is a small Temple but has a nice Anjaneyar idol installed on the top. This Temple also has Rama, Sita & Lakshmana idols, a rarity in South India. On the day we went, we were pleasantly surprised to see a Lady Archagar doing the puja and Harthy. I think it’s a […]