The Promotion (Short Story)

  Sai was ironing his shirt when he realized, in his hurry, he had not picked up the milk packets that morning. He finished ironing and walked swiftly to his front gate to pick them up. He noticed that one gate was slightly open. Probably he had forgotten to lock it on the previous night. Just as he was about to close the gate, he felt a soft furry body touch his legs. As he bent down, his dog, July, run out of the gate. “July, July come back… “ Sai shouted at the top of his voice to no […]

Two Engineers (Short Story)

I vividly remember the farewell party we gave to our seniors. Not only for all the fun, but also for the great speech given by Prakash — one of our seniors. While everyone else spoke about themselves, their plans, their friends, their memories, their pets, etc., Prakash was the only senior who was different. He didn’t speak even a single line about himself. Throughout his speech, he focused on inspiring fellow youngsters like me. “Who was Ambani?” he had asked with a lot of fervor. “A person who sold detergent on the streets.

The Author’s Master Plan (A Humorous Short Story)

Word count: 1,000 words. “Abey . . . you can’t commit suicide jumping from the third floor. Try the seven story building next door,” someone shouted on seeing Akshay attempt suicide from the top of a Government office building on a bright Monday afternoon. Akshay was standing on the terrace wall with his head bent down. It was just two months since he met the Sales Head of the Vanity Publishing House. Little did he anticipate the events that followed. * * *

An Artist’s Love for her Creation (Short Story)

Word count: 715 words. Kayal was six when she built a sand castle for the first time on the beach. She dug into the mug around a small circular area and accumulated the soft mud towards the center with her hands. She stopped when the heap was one-and-a-half feet high and stepped back to admire her creation. Tarun, eight, her cousin brother, who was observing her activity suddenly jumped on the sand castle and destroyed it within a few seconds.

Happy Man (Short Story)

I am going to die in one hour. But this one hour is my most important hour as I attempt to reverse two biggest mistakes of my life: I fought with the man I ought to have supported; and supported the man I ought to have fought with. There is only one last hurdle I need to cross: My grandson. Ah, here he comes. With his white suit, he looks more like 25 than 19!  “Hi Gramps. You wanted to talk to me?” he says, pulls the heavy chair on the other side of my large wooden table, and sits […]

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 25

The story so far: Jennifer has been driving around now for almost 2 hours.  They are driving along Linking Road, Bandra.  She suddenly realizes how hungry she is and decides to stop at a restaurant for a cup of coffee.  She sits down and orders a cappuccino and a club sandwich.  Just then her mobile rings.  It is from Shibu.  She picks up the phone and notes down the information that Shibu gives her. “Thanks Shibu.  That was really quick.  You are a real life saver.  I owe you one!” She quickly gulps down her coffee, pays the bill.  She […]

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 15

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 15 Links: Previous chapter; Next chapter; Chapter 1. The story so far: Cyrus sits next to Roohi and appreciates the artwork she has been doing. He finds her very talented and helps her with her artwork. “Look mummy, finished… Uncle helped me complete” Roohi says as Tara returns with a plate of snacks and orange juice. “Good, honey, now go pack your bag and get ready for tomorrow”.

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 2

I am participating in the Game of Blogs challenge organized by BlogAdda. It’s a collaborative novel writing competition. Our team is Dynamic Word Weavers. Links to: Chapter 1, Chapter 3. Memory Intrigues: Chapter–2 Tara, a senior reporter at the News Broadcasting Channel 24 x 7 x 365, gets up from her desk and is about to leave the office when she notices the Sub-editor walking towards her. ‘What is she going to come up with now?’ Tara wonders but puts up a fake smile anyway.

The Kidnap (Short Story)

It was dark all around him. Except for a small one-meter hole a few feet ahead of him, that brought in faint light, he couldn’t see anything else in the room. He tried standing up, but he only felt the ropes tied to his hands and legs on the chair, tighten. The door opened after a few minutes. Someone switched on the lights. He saw three people enter, one after another. They sat in three chairs kept around the circular table, before him. They were wearing black trousers, black suit, white shirt, black tie, and black glasses. The person sitting […]