• Concepts and Ideas

    What’s wrong with our school education system?

    “I went to school, but it did not interfere with my education!” – Mark Twain. The students these days are not as lucky! The school just interferes with every aspect of their education to such an extant that all they can do after 14 years of rigorous schooling is increase their memory ‘capacity’! Are the students some kind of RAM,ROM(or)HARD DISKS?

  • Short Stories (Fiction)

    English and Social Science

    She had not always wanted to become a teacher. When she was young she wanted to become so many things – Astronaut, Doctor, Miss Universe and what not! But as she grew up, the other options looked less enticing. Partly because of the skill sets required and partly because of the time that need to be invested in them. Like everyone else, she too chose this profession by elimination – the technique of analyzing all the possible options and rejecting them one by one.Not that she was not happy with her job, as this was like any other job in this world having its share of fun, learning, politics and…