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    Data Transfer

                                                       Data Transfer CP1: “How Do you do?” CP2: “How Do you do?” CP1: “Great. So, we speak the same language. Are you online?” CP2: “Yes” CP1: “Been searching for quite a while, before I was able to locate you” CP2: “I See” CP1: “SO, what’s your name” CP2: “Virus” CP1: “Thats your name?” CP2: “Yeah, that’s my name in my current project. This name was selected by my boss” CP1: “Your boss has a good sense of humour. Just like my boss.” CP2: “So your name is Anti-Viurs?” CP1: “No. My name is Hacker. I hope he meant an ethical hacker” CP2: “Nice one. So, hows project…

  • Short Stories (Fiction)


    The Era of Genetics: <2118 A.D> An Extract from “News Today” “…Call it a miracle, call it a breakthrough… We have finally succeeded in creating a robot with a brain engineered through Genetics and Nano-technology. At last, we bid adieu to our good old semiconductor chips. With nano-technology, the robots can not only speak, listen and understand like human beings but they also get a brain that is at least 100 times more efficient and faster than the human brain. Thanks to the concept of artificial intelligence, we have now moved on to supplemented intelligence and applied intelligence. This not only makes the robots to think on their own, but…

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    Bhutan: Gross National Happiness, Democracy and ****

    Bhutan: Gross National Happiness, Democracy and **** Gross National Happiness: * The official criterion of the Bhutanese Govt to measure the Gross National Happiness is by the levels of environmental protection, cultural promotion, good governance and economic development. The last factor is only as important as the other three. * The king of Bhutan was responsible for the definition of development in terms of the Gross National Happiness of its people, instead of an abstract economic measurement such as GNP. * Bhutan has always emphasised that development can also be based on non-material values such as cultural, social and environmental values. The country has followed a traditional model of development…

  • Short Stories (Fiction)

    The Painting and the Photograph

                                                                             03 Jan 1808, Ooty. Diary of Col.Richard Bentlee. If there could ever be heaven on earth, This would surely be earth on heaven.. Never before have I been so eager, To colour nature with its wonder.. Could I do justice to this splendour, By wanting to paint the thunder.. So many strokes, so many curves, So many brushes, so many colours, How can I paint thy exuberance, With my limited lead and limited pallete.. For a man, who has never spoken a lie, I have just painted several – Thouugh my eye.. How many hours and how many days, How many sketches and how many colours.. All self…

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    Mystery of the Misery

                                  Mystery of the Misery                                                                    Let Grief striketh upon thee…. If there was no grief, there would not be happiness either. Happiness and Grief are not absolute – They are absolutely Relative. If there was no grief on this planet, Mahatma Gandhi would have remained MK Gandhi.. Abhimanyu would have remained just another archer.. Socrates would have never become a philosopher.. The Du pont’s would have remained in France.. Mother Teresa would have been a charming daughter, wife, mother and grandmother.. Dada would have remained retired Sourav Ganguly..(This must have been the work of a hacker – mind hacker?) Years of Struggle, Years of Pain, All to see…

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  • Short Stories (Fiction)


                                       iNation __________________________________________ Dont worry my son, everything is arranged…. “But I dont even qualify for this job” This is how it happens in high places, my son…. Make a name first, Of course you could earn it later…. Besides, this is the year 2108 …. ___________________________________________ My son wants to be a Robo Tech…. “BE RT?” Yes. “Well, look at his scores….” But we are ready to do anything…. “Maybe, we can push him in the sports quota” Anything. “Can we be more specific on the ‘anything’ part?” ___________________________________________ We are very poor, my son…. You better drop the dream job of yours…. And try to be more practical….…