Best of Slow Melodious and Soulful songs – Songs 20 to 11

Please go ahead only if you can spend one hour for pure enjoyment listening to some of the best songs from across the world.

This is a result of the Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs Tag which was done recently by many of you. Since I had listened to most of the songs (by bloggers whom I had tagged directly) and also some more bloggers who were tagged by them (I was not able to track this part fully though).

Love at first hearing:

Just like love at first sight, there were some songs that I loved the very first time that I listened to them. I have collected the best 20 of such songs which were recommended by my fellow bloggers and have presented them in this post and the next one. Since the theme is love at first hearing, I have not considered certain languages in which the songs are already familiar to me (Tamil, Telugu) and I have not considered certain languages in which songs are familiar to most of the bloggers (Hindi, English) as I wanted this musical experience to be a love at first hearing to most of you.

So go ahead and enjoy (The rating is my own and remember that tastes differ based on a lot of factors) 🙂

Song No. 20: Twelve girls band – Eastern Energy (Song: Freedom)

This is a Chinese song and was recommended by Radha. The variety of instruments used in this song along with the wonderful chorus makes it a gem! The link where you can listen to it online is given below:

Song No. 19: Wolfsheim – Kein Zuruck

This is a German song recommended by Wortman. The visuals are stunningly inter woven with the song! The Youtube link is given below:

Song No. 18: Mazhayil raatri mazhayil

This is a Malayalam song recommended by Nimmy. A nice melodious song with good background music and lovely voice. The youtube link is given below:

Song No. 17: Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un m’a dit

This is a French song recommended by Shefaly. It is just the voice and Guitar and the song will grow on you everytime you listen to it. The youtube link is given below:

Song No. 16: Roma nun fa’la stupida stasera

This is an Italian song recommended by Man of Roma. This has deep vocals and makes you feel like sitting in front of an orchestra! The pictures of Rome are equally good. The youtube link is given below:

Song No. 15: Chandana manivadil

This is a Malayalam song recommended by Nimmy. A classical song with deep vocals. The youtube link is given below:

Song No. 14: Nee Amruthadhare – Amruthadhare

This is a Kannada song recommended by Su. A nice and melodious number. The youtube link is given below:

Song No. 13: Purano Sei Diner Kotha (Ravindro Sangeet)

This is a Bengali song recommended by Reema. A sweet old song which is a part of Rabindro Sangeet. The youtube link is given below:

Song No. 12: Hoove Hoove (H20)

This is a Kannada song recommended by Su. Nice voice and music. You can also dance to this song. I didn’t try though!

Song No: 11: Savariyo re maro

This is a Gujarati song recommended by Priya Iyer. The voice of the singer is blissfully soulful! The youtube link is given below:

I will present the top ten songs in my next post(I have already selected them) but in the meanwhile if anyone else has done this tag in languages other than Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and English, please give a link – I don’t mind mentioning top 12 or 13 songs in my next post.Thank you for your contributions people. It has come at the right time for me 🙂

Update: Top 10 Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs (Songs 10 to 1)

Destination Infinity

PS: This post was inspired from the Top 20 format (Best of the whole year) used in Superhit Muquabla – The same old DD Serial that I just loved and miss so much!!

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39 Replies to “Best of Slow Melodious and Soulful songs – Songs 20 to 11”

  1. Yes, actually this tag was done so that I could listen to the best of melodious songs from accross the world. I am more than happy with the list I have right now. I do have a passion for listening to the best music always but I am not able to play an instrument – though I had given it a try!

    Destination Infinity

    1. In India you have a lot of wonderful instruments. I think I was a good guitarist, classical and modern, from 12 until 25. But then I fell in love with piano so now I don't play well neither of them. I should have stuck with guitar. Now I basically listen to music and it is enough for me. I really adore music of any kind. Thanks for the good selection you offer.

    1. It was also tough to select just 20 songs out of so many, but I thought since many of us don't have the time to go through all the individual posts, I would collect the best songs that I liked and post it. It was useful to me as well 🙂

      Destination Infinity

    1. I used to even count how many episodes of Superhit Muquabla I missed in a few years! It was through that program that I developed interest in Hindi songs and eventually learnt the language too.

      Destination Infinity

  2. I think I saw that post. I watched some selective title songs that I liked – Mongli etc. It brings back the old memories – With so many channels around these days, we are not having programs like that!! And we keep accusing the Govt. run institutions!

    Destination Infinity

  3. Thanks a lot for the link to the Bengali song. I love that song very much. I will be back to listen to others.As u said it is 12.
    And I enjoyed your comment at my post. 🙂

  4. Dear DI,

    I am terribly sorry I could not make it to send you some nice Russian songs…:(
    If you dont mind I can still do it a bit later and you can just add it to the post.

    1. Actually I wanted to keep the Chinese song in a slightly higher ranking, but since I guessed that the first song will be watched by most of the people, it is at No. 20 and I loved it the first time I heard!

      Destination Infinity

  5. Thanks a ton for listening to them! So many read the post but don't listen to the songs. Initially, I didn't like that French song. But when I heard it one more time, I liked it and the next time, I was hooked on to it!

    Destination Infinity

  6. At last I listened to ALL the songs. Some twice or thrice, to get registered! Sometimes, we don't like some songs, initially and when we are MADE to hear it again and again, our ears get used to it and we start recognizing the song. I loved the Rabindra Sangeeth, which I am familiar with already, so that was easy! In other languages, like the Chinese song, which I started playing when I was doing household work too! It is not hard to guess about the Kannada songs…I love them all! Thanks and waiting for the next batch!

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