Is a bigger testimony required for India Against Corruption movement?

(The above video is in Hindi)

“I believe in Anna Hazare’s desire that we have a Lokpal bill that is much more powerful than what has been suggested makes tremendous sense. In an economy where there is tremendous interaction with the outside world, unless we communicate with a global standard of honesty and propriety in business transactions, we will suffer (due to corruption)” – N R Narayana Murthy (Source: Economic Times)

“Like the country has supported the Indian Cricket team in their struggle to win the world cup, I hope and pray that your struggle, which is infinitely more important, and affects each and every one of us, will get an even greater support” – Amir Khan, From his letter to Anna Hazare (Source: NDTV Website)

“I am one of a billion citizens of this country, who is affected by, and most concerned about corruption in our country. The last few months have witnessed some shocking exposes. In fact, our society has been plagued by this sickness over the last many decades. I am one of the many who feel that strong steps need to be taken as corrective measures” – Amir Khan,  From his letter to the Prime Minister (Source: Moifightclub blog)

“If all the money that (has been amassed by corrupt means) hidden in India and abroad, can be brought back, the Government need not tax anyone for the next 30 years” – Kiran Bedi (Source: Youtube Interview)

“Hong Kong was in a similar situation of rampant corruption in 1970s. People took to streets. The island was forced to set up an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) with functional autonomy, headed by men and women of merit, drawn from many disciplines. And it cleaned up the system. In the first lot, they dismissed scores of top level cops. Today Hong Kong is one of the most honest countries.

Even India can turn around, if we had an effective anti-corruption agency. We have drafted a bill for the creation of such an agency called Lokpal, completely different from the one presented by the Government” – Many Signatories (Source:

“Greed over Need is the root cause of corruption. There is nothing wrong in having goals and even amassing wealth if it is done in a legitimate way. The citizenry should not be mute spectators to illegality in society and they should raise their voice. The change will come only when we stand up and and point our finger at the at the illegality in the society, either directly or indirectly” – Santhosh Hegde (Source: Durgaraovanayam blog)

“Corruption is also a daily habit. Stopping at a red light in India is optional!” – Madhu Trehan (Source: The Telegraph website)

“I should have died back then, during the India Pakistan War, as all the army-men in the vehicle I was driving died, except me. So, I consider this as my second life, given by God to help the people. The village where we worked very hard to provide basic amenities, has been now visited by five lakh people in the last six years, to see how we enabled the transformation. I fought for ten years to get the Right To Information act enacted in Maharashtra. That was later implemented all over India. This (India Against Corruption) is the second freedom movement. We need to keep fighting…” – Anna Hazare (Source: YouTube Video).

You could click here to read a short biography of Anna Hazare. And click here to read ten salient features of Jan Lokpal bill.

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21 Replies to “Is a bigger testimony required for India Against Corruption movement?”

  1. I would really like the Indian players in IPL refuse to play and Not let IPL happen now imagine that .. The biggest money spinning business.. and all the so called Businesses directly effected by this …

    Give it a thought.. Imagine IPL boycotted everyone suffering losses PEOPLE will wake up for sure


    1. IPL or no IPL, people need to figure out their priorities…. I am happy that atleast one person out of a billion, has.

      Destination Infinity

    1. The youth has so many temptations these days – Even if not cricket, they have movies, cell phones, SMS, facebook, games, and so many other things. But yeah, a few of them might 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  2. I liked Narayanamurthy’s statement, which is so right. I didn’t know that Anna Hazare had participated in the Pakistan war. I didn’t know about Hong kong too. Thanks for the information D.I. I am forwarding the link to my friends.

    1. Anna Hazare joined the Indian army as a driver… but I am not sure if he later on became a soldier or not.

      Since Mr. Narayanamurthy keeps visiting other countries so often, it seems he’s been asked questions on corruption and state intervention by companies that want to invest in India these days – especially after the last few exposes.

      Destination Infinity

      1. If we want other countries to enter our country and do business, they should have confidence in our people. The recent scams (so many!) will shoo them away.

        Cricket, esp. IPL cricket is just business for the players like anyother business for us, ordinary people. If we want to ‘oppose’ them, we should not buy tickets, simple!

      2. There are some MNC companies that are here because they know that they can manipulate the system and people. The knife in this case is double edged!

        IPL Cricket, is about business to a lot of people and companies other than the players as well – and their share is much bigger!

        Destination Infinity

    1. Why everyone is referring to the cricket players? 🙂 They are just individual spokes in a large wheel!

      Destination Infinity

    1. I am not so much worried about the pace of transformation. I am worried about the pace of the beginning of transformation – What if Anna Hazare was not there?

      Destination Infinity

    1. Even Saina Nehwal has appeared in an ad recently (I think Airtel) but that doesn’t take away the records from her! But it was indeed surprising to see Kiran Bedi in that ad! I did not expect it either.

      Destination Infinity

    1. The business tycoons (some of them at least) are the reflection of politicians. I hope things change with them as much as it has to change with the politicians.

      Destination Infinity

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