Has ignoring parents in their old age become the latest fashion?

There is a latest trend that is doing the rounds. Ok, its not a recent phenomenon, but the sheer number of such cases that have risen sharply in the recent years, has made it the latest fashion!

Now for some background.

  • Your parents give birth to you.
  • They go through all the torture you give them at your infancy, most of the time losing their sleep.
  • They take pains to join you in a good school, pay your school fees for so many years.
  • They take care of your stay, food, books, extra-curricular skills and other vital expenditure for so many years.
  • They rush you to a doctor and give the best medical attention (including paying hospital bills) when you are young.
  • They buy so many toys, cycles, computer, video games, computer games, cricket/ tennis gear, and all other entertainment items for you.
  • They keep the house and your room clean so that you can sleep well at nights.
  • They pay for your college education (usually running to lakhs) and pay all your transportation/ hostel/ misc expenditure during your college education.
  • They buy you new dresses, even though you keep growing taller every year.

They spend so much money, efforts, time, energy and sacrifice so many things in their life for you.

And what do you give them back?

Send them out of the house/ Make them live alone/ Ignore them, when they are old and need little amount of help from you?

And what all excuses do you give for doing that?

  • Oh, I am the daughter. Only sons are supposed to take care of their parents.
  • Oh, I am the younger son, only the elder sons are supposed to take care of their parents.
  • Oh, I may be the elder, but they were so close to the younger son all these years.
  • Oh, I am in some foreign country and I am too busy to come to India/ take them to that foreign country.
  • Oh, they like to be independent. They don’t want us to disturb them!
  • Oh, they like to be in India. They don’t like it here. They only come for baby sitting – They like their grandkids so much, you know!
  • Oh, my husband is so much against keeping my parents in the house.
  • Oh, my wife is so much against keeping my parents in the house.
  • Oh, we know how to control our kids so much that they do not do the same thing to us.
  • Oh, do you know? Our parents also ignored their parents when they were old. Why shouldn’t we follow their footsteps?
  • Oh, Did we ask them to give birth to us? They brought us in this world, and hence it was their duty to bring us up. We don’t have to show that courtesy back.
  • Oh, you know what all my parents did to control us when we were young? Thank God, we realized all that and moved on our own exactly when they reached their old age!
  • Oh, there are so many good old age homes you know and by now they should have saved enough to enroll in one – I am sure!
  • Oh, they are not leaving any property for us. Why should we take care of them?
  • Oh, they may have some property but we have made more money and have become rich now. We’ll anyway to to divide their property after them – who else can they give it to?
  • Oh, do you know how much health care for the elderly costs? If we take care of parents, we may not be able to buy that big car!
  • Oh, we are living in such an advanced scientific world you know. By the time we are old, they will discover robots that will take care of us!

To all these people : I will live to see the day when you face the exact similar situation (because of your own kids) in a few years from now.

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