The Woodcutter and his Axe Story REMIXED

I am sure you all know the Woodcutter and his Axe story. If not, here’s a small recap:

A Woodcutter accidentally drops his Axe into the river. Since it is his only Axe, he is very much saddened. Looking at his plight, God appears before him, shows axes made of bronze, silver and gold and asks him if any of them were his.

Since the woodcutter is honest, he refuses each time. Impressed by his honesty, God gives all four axes (including his wooden Axe) to him and disappears.

REMIX of The Woodcutter and his Axe story:

A woodcutter is cutting wood near a river. Just then, his wife comes to the river to fetch some water and accidentally falls down into the river.

Now God appears before him and asks, ‘Is this yours?’ Next to him is Archana.

The woodcutter is really tempted. But then, he remembers the old version of the Woodcutter and his Axe story and hence he refuses.

Then again God asks, ‘Is this yours?’ Next to him now is Anushka.

The woodcutter is again tempted. He tries to reason with himself that the old story may not repeat this time. But somehow he decides to try his luck and he refuses again.

Then again God asks, ‘Is this yours?’ Next to him is Katrina.

The woodcutter is just not able to believe his luck. Remembering the old story again, he refuses.

God is impressed with his honesty. He orders, ‘Give all the four pots – The golden pot, silver pot, bronze pot and the mud pot, to this honest woodcutter’

The woodcutter is perplexed. He asks, ‘God, I saw three women next to you, but you are offering me pots?’

Now God is perplexed. ‘Didn’t you see the pots they were holding in their hands?’

‘No. I thought my wife fell down in the river and….’

‘Yes, your wife fell down in the river with her mud pot. She came back to the shore a long time ago, but lost her pot in the river. If you did not notice the pots, then what were you… You PERVERT!! Take away all the pots including his mud pot from him’

‘God, may I ask you for one small favor? Please don’t tell about this incident to my wife’

‘I don’t have to, Son. She’s been standing right behind you and noticing everything for the last ten minutes’


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