My Autobiography – My best friend!

This post is not about me. An autobiography should contain some description about other people who are important to us and hence this post is about my best ‘offline’ friend for maybe, the last 15 years.

We studied together for about 6 years and then we’ve been in touch ever since. Initially, he was just a classmate and we were not very close. During those times, he was too much into sports and he was the individual sports champion of our batch for a few times, I guess. He was quite outgoing, having fun and was not concentrating much on academics.

After a certain point, he had a transformational change and suddenly he started taking a lot of interest in academic stuff and became quite studious! It was at this time that he became my best friend. Maybe he was looking at some inspiration from me… (Hey, its my autobiography and I can write anything I want 🙂 ).

I remember him being quite fearless, back then. Once we put a mass leave on the eve of an examination (actually to study) and the Principal, who was our English teacher got quite angry with it. Our principal was asking for the exact reason for leave from each student and we were coming up with so many different reasons for taking a leave, that I can write a small book on it!

It was then his turn, and he says ‘I took a study leave’. That’s exactly what the principal wanted as he started a harangue for the next fifteen minutes, and our friend was staring at him all the while! I am sure that a 30 minutes harangue got lessened to 15 minute harangue because of this reason! 🙂

Later on, when we were required to go for sponsorship request outings, he stood up and told the Tamil teacher – ‘I don’t want to go’, before the entire class. The teacher was surprised at his insubordination and started staring at him. He, as usual stared back! I had to get up and intervene and promise that I would take him along with me, in order to end the impasse!

Once, when we were writing some school mid-term examination, we were seated along with our seniors (who were a couple of years older than us). Three ‘heavy weight’ seniors started to copy and our friend promptly reports it to the teacher. The seniors are sent out.

After a few days, the three seniors caught up with him. What started as an ‘impolite’ discussion, resulted in him playing basketball with the seniors after half an hour! And he started playing with them regularly after school!

I mean, what an unconventional & out-of-the-textbook method of making friends? We were staring in disbelief that such a thing could even happen! Those seniors would have never allowed any of us to play with them, but this guy reports them to the teacher and gets accepted into their ‘playing circle’!!

One day, I just casually went to his home and we were chatting for about an hour. Some of his other friends dropped in and said, ‘Happy Birthday’. The realization hit me like a stone! I excused myself in the pretext of some urgent work and while leaving, I looked back just to get a glimpse of what his expressions were like. OMG, did I sink any Titanic ship or what?

Actually, I requested him shortly afterwards to tell his birth date (because I forgot the exact date when I went to his house), but he got even more angry and refused to tell even that! What can I do? 🙂

Now its my turn to be fearless and publish this post in my blog. But I do admit that I have a huge advantage with my blog – I have requested him innumerable number times to visit my wonderful blog and read my wonderful posts, but he has not bothered to do it till now. I am sure he doesn’t remember even the URL of my blog, in spite of me reminding him about it for so many times!

To Him: Please miss this post also, like how you missed reading the previous 242 posts 🙂

Destination Infinity

These posts, filed under the Autobiography category are written to record certain important and unforgettable events in my life so that I could refer back to them when I write my actual Autobiography many years later. My Autobiography book will come out in the name of ‘Destination Infinity’. So, please buy it when it comes out! 🙂

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33 Replies to “My Autobiography – My best friend!”

  1. Yes, this is your autobiography and definitely, you can write what you like!

    Did you learn this habit of staring back at people? I think people would be a bit afraid of those people!

    Senior…episode, looked like a script from a movie and phanaal…it changed into a twist in the tale!

    I can see that you admire him a lot, D.I.! He will be made to read this, I am sure!

    1. I don’t stare back at people – I just ignore such people and keep moving! Lets see if he gets to read this post. If he does, he will call me 🙂

      Destination Infinity

    1. Actually, yes – I wanted to highlight the number of articles I have written so far 🙂 But I do think it was no easy feat – They were written over a period of three years!

      Destination Infinity

  2. hii DI,

    i remember writing something similar for my best friend prabhjot as a special gift on his bday. this post just reminded me of him once again.

    very well written but you never mentioned his name here.

    do 1 thing .. take down url of this post and paste it on his fb wall…he’ll surely read it…


    1. I can pass the URL to him, but let me wait and see if it automatically goes to him! I have asked him so many times to visit my blog but he did not. This time, I am not going to tell about this post.

      Destination Infinity

  3. Friends are the bet thing to happen to us. My best friend who sadly is not with us anymore I rmemeber him all the time what we did and I am sure in our case it was different I rmemeber his b’day everytime and he never did remember mine ..

    You take care and dont worry about getting the day right, wish him everytime you see him , he will get fed up and tell yo uthe right date 🙂 he he he

    Bless him and you and may your friendship last for ever

    GOd bless

    1. That’s an excellent technique Bikram – Wishing him every day 🙂 I guess I can ask you for suggestions regarding anything related to friends.

      Destination Infinity

    1. Yeah, he was like that at that time… He just openly speaks his mind. A bit like me, but I am more reserved…

      Destination Infinity

    1. Thank you Mr. Praveen Kumar. The post was just about some important incidents about him that I could remember…

      Destination Infinity

    1. Oh, our friendship has weathered tougher times… 🙂 Yes, I liked his open / frank statements back then…

      Destination Infinity

    1. I am also hoping he will. Lets see… That’s a good point about a good autobiography. When I release my book, it will be frank and all the secrets WILL be revealed.

      Destination Infinity

  4. I thought so! But there is nothing wrong in forgetting someone’s birthday. It’s natural, and happens to lots of people! I think he must have thought it odd that you didn’t wish him even when you came to know it. Thats what I think.

    1. Maybe 🙂 But I was too embarrassed to wish him on that day! But then, we both have good understanding and this was actually not an issue after that day. At least not to me 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  5. Hope your friend has visited your nice blog by now and have at-least read this particular post 🙂 DI.
    This is indeed a lovely memory of student life. And I believe no other space is as suitable as this one to write your autobiography 🙂

    1. No, he seems to be too busy. So, I will tell him only when I meet him next time 🙂 Yes, Blogs are very good to write ones autobiography… I am writing a few incidents so that I don’t forget them when I write my actual autobiography after many years.

      Destination Infinity

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