Unlocked 3G USB Dongle: Access 3G Internet on PC from any service provider


The first time the name ‘Micromax’ had any impact on me was 2.5 years ago when my friend told me that he was going to buy a mobile and it had to be a branded one like ‘Micromax’. Back then, I was shocked because branded mobiles used to mean foreign brands like Nokia, Apple, HTC, etc. At that point of time, I realized that Micromax had already become a trusted brand in India! I am always impressed with the success of Indian brands, especially in the digital home electronics segment as very few brands have succeeded.

I was recently looking at the options for accessing Internet from my Computer. Wireline broadband was out of my purview, especially because I travel at times and want the Internet connection to follow me. I already have a USB based CDMA 2.x high-speed dongle, but I was looking at another option either to replace it or as a back up. I knew 3G speeds were good and I can connect to 3G through the mobile phone, but my phone does not support 3G.

One good option was to buy a USB-based 3G dongle. But then, most of the USB dongles sold by the mobile companies (around 1500 rupees) were locked to a particular 3G service. I didn’t want that as I have already experienced what lack of options mean, with my proprietary CDMA dongle.

That’s when I came across this Unlocked 3G USB Dongle from Micromax – Micromax MMX 353G (I bought this). This is useful because, one can buy SIM card from any telco ISP (Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, etc), insert it into this dongle, connect to PC and browse 3G Internet! If you don’t like a particular service, you can just replace the SIM card with any other SIM card and access Internet through a different ISP. Even Huawei has a similar Unlocked 3G USB Dongle.

Even though this costs a bit more (slightly less than 2000 rupees), we don’t have to replace an expensive 3G dongle every time we want to change the ISP. We can just replace the SIM card (new SIM costs around 50 rupees) instead. It works fine with Windows XP but I am yet to get it to work on my Linux Mint OS (Linux support is advertised on the cover).

3G speeds seem to be better when compared to high-speed CDMA 2.x. Most importantly, my Airtel 3G connection is stable and the Internet speed does not vary. That’s exactly what I want.

You can buy Micromax MMX 353G Data Card from Flipkart.com if you live in India.

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PS: How do you access Internet? Wired broadband? Through Mobile? CDMA Dongle? 3G? And how has your Internet experience been (speed, reliability, etc)?

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22 Replies to “Unlocked 3G USB Dongle: Access 3G Internet on PC from any service provider”

  1. I used Wi-fi for laptop and a 3G for mobile. And in most of the public places they have free wi-fi…so it’s just so easy to connect to internet anytime. I am not very good with these dongle /internet speed related info though!

    1. Free Wi-Fi is in public places. But most of the time we connect to the internet from home… I guess you can connect your 3G mobile to laptop for browsing…

      Destination Infinity

    1. Well, I too want to know other options available to access Internet. Perhaps I should have put up this post before I bought this?

      Destination Infinity

    1. The speeds and bandwidth caps still restrict our Internet access experience. Hopefully, things will improve sooner.

      Destination Infinity

  2. I used TATA docomo dongle in my last visit to india and I must say it was a nightmare and the worst decision i made , I would have been better if i used my own fone on international roaming using the net ..



    1. 3G is good, but a bit expensive. I think it’s prices will come down gradually, unlike the CDMA 2.x whose prices has not decreased till date!

      Destination Infinity

  3. havent tried out this unlocked 3G. I used the Airtel 3G dongle. connection speed was good earlier, now it drags and then for some reason keeps disconnecting. Airtel customer service is a pain.

    so i switched to beam fiber. its a wired connection. speed is superb and reliable. hardly disconnects. but i still keep the airtel 3g dongle as a backup.

    1. At my place Airtel 3G connection is quite stable and good *Touchwood*. I am using both high-speed CDMA and 3G now. 3G is a backup due to its high cost. But when 3G tariff starts to come down, 3G might become my primary connection. I have not heard of that fiber thing. Let me check out…

      Destination Infinity

  4. hi
    i have bsnl broad band connection ,its working since last 5 years but in last fews months its dead frequently
    so i need usb internet dongles ,can any one suggest except tata photon


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