An ASI protected Monument in Kanchipuram (1) – Surakeswarar Temple


Surakeswarar Temple in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India is an ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) protected monument. Generally, very old monuments and monuments of national importance are identified and protected by the ASI, Government of India. This Temple is located in the road that is opposite to the famous Ekambareeswarar Temple in Kanchipuram. It’s been recently renovated and maintained quite neatly.

Kanchipuram has a handful of such protected monuments about which I will be writing as I keep visiting them. Since I don’t have much information about this temple, enjoy looking at the photos I clicked there 🙂







Destination Infinity

Note: Photo credit (All) – Destination8Infinity. These photos are published under this creative commons license.

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6 Replies to “An ASI protected Monument in Kanchipuram (1) – Surakeswarar Temple”

  1. ASI does a great job in protecting the ancient monuments and temple… and this is an excellent proof.
    Beautiful composition on the temple complex and structure. Well presented!

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