What I mean to Chennai!!

Mere mortals who did the CBC Tablog before me wrote on the topic, ‘What Chennai means to me’. But this being the blog of Destination Infinity, of course you didn’t expect a post on similar lines, did you? If you did, it’s time to change your thinking.

Fast-forward – Year: 2025 (Imagine cycle tyre rolling quickly)

1960’s, 1970’s : Puratchi Thalaivar MGR

1980’s, 1990’s : Superstar Rajnikanth

2000’s : Lull before the storm

2010’s – Eternity : The storm in full force – Immortal star Destination Infinity 🙂

Both Kollywood and Chinna Thirai (TV) have shut-down operations in 2025. Because, no one is watching them any longer. But where are everybody? Yes, you guessed it right – Reading and commenting on Destination Infinity’s blog 😀

Destination Infinity gets a few billion hits and few million comments every day. People in WordPress shiver just before each post on his blog is published. Their CMS is facing the toughest of the tests, but with a whole dedicated team, they somehow manage.

Destination Infinity has started an MNC (based in Chennai) just to reply to the comments he gets in his blog. People in the US and Europe are employed to reply to comments on his blog, during the night-time in India.

That’s not all. Destination Infinity’s new data center in Chennai is now the largest in the world. It has a few thousand 2000,4000-core servers just to host his blog. Employees from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. are allowed to intern in Destination Infinity’s Data Center in order to learn how to manage large data centers effectively.

You know why Destination Infinity is called Immortal star? Of course, no person is immortal, including DI *Thannaddakkam*. But, Destination Infinity is no longer a single person. It has become a title like Pulikesi – 1, 2, 23, etc. So, after Destination Infinity – 1, the title will be transferred to some other deserving person. There is a whole team analyzing the DNA and genes of all newborns in Chennai to see if they are the one. Till now no luck.

In 2025, the world has become a single nation. There are five cities vying to be its capital – Washington, London, Berlin & Beijing. But in a no-contest, Destination Infinity’s Chennai breezes through the global election and all the other cities lose their deposit 😀

All this was possible because, Destination Infinity lives in Chennai. The talk of the world is: ‘It’s not about what your city did to you, but what you do to your city. Look at the example set by the illustrious and outstanding citizen of Chennai – Destination Infinity!’ 🙂


Destination Infinity suddenly wakes up from his day-dream (of course in 2025) and visits his blog to check the number of comments. In 2013 he used to get 10 comments per post and in 2025, he gets the same 10 comments 😛 Hmmm……. 🙂


Fast-backward to 2013: Destination Infinity’s mind is thinking – ‘What to write for the CBC tablog, what to write, what to write?’ Almost every point about Chennai has been covered by others (and their commenters). Then his mind comes to a conclusion – ‘Write some trash and pass it on for a post, as you usually do‘ 😛

Destination Infinity

PS-1: Well, Destination Infinity may not have written something about Chennai for the CBC tablog, but he has already done something for his beloved city – Here it is. 🙂

PS-2: This article is a part of a tablog initiated by our facebook group, ‘Chennai Bloggers Club’ where more than 35 bloggers from Chennai write about ‘What Chennai means to me’ (Of course, except Destination Infinity). This post was preceded by Mahesh Iyer who is a poet, bibliophile, Cineaste & die-hard romantic. This post will be followed by Muthiah Sriram.G, an amateur blogger who blogs at Life as it comes.

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32 Replies to “What I mean to Chennai!!”

  1. What a high and inflated obnoxious display of the self. Chennai is sitting and wondering, “Enna nilame ada saamy.”

    Well, I like this different twist. And, whatte twist this one was!

    Joy always,

    1. Actually yenakku *Thannadakkam* konjam jasthi 😛

      One of my favorite quote is – “Don’t be too humble. You’re not that great” 😛

      Destination Infinity

  2. Enna Oru thanaddakkam? 🙂 Read the other post. A very detailed post . Nice to see that there are actually so many places to show around when folks from around visit the place.

    1. I tried to publicize that post (earlier) by sharing it in FB. But, no one looked at it. Hence, I had to resort to such a different technique to promote it 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  3. Well well God willing , THIS IS HOW IT WILL BE , DESTINATION INFINITY… It wil RULEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Hip hip hurray
    hip hip Hurray

    and I will be best known for being first to comment on DI wordpress blog yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Daydreams are always wonderful 🙂

      I am not able to comment first on your blog which has 200 comments approx. How are you going to comment first on my (future blog) that is going to have millions of comments per day? 😉

      Destination Infinity

  4. Ha, amazing built-up, imagination and dream. You took it to an untouched sphere. At least we (chennaities) become a world hub in dream, happily.

    I enjoyed this post rajesh 🙂

    1. As long as Destination Infinity is in Chennai, anything can happen. Yes, I intend to day-dream more 🙂

      Destination Infinity

    1. Certain things are specific to Chennai, so its possible that certain things may not be clear to everyone.

      Destination Infinity

  5. DI – OMG! Ippadiyum story spin panna mudiyuma! Yabba! There was a big sigh after I read this post! But the thought of chennai becoming the top city in the world is so fascinating me!

  6. I hope your dream comes true DI 🙂
    But you have written a lot about this city.. almost covered every place that can be considered as a tourist location in Chennai. That post you have linked here about tourist places will be really helpful if I visit Chennai again in future.

  7. i could only smile reading this post !

    i hope this all comes true in year 2025 .. with each post, there’ll be a comment from me .. may be i’ll start a unit which only publishes comments for each of your post ..lol 😛

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