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I bought the Amazon Kindle from Tata Croma!!


This is my Amazon Kindle that I bought today morning from Tata Croma shop. I could have also bought it online from, but the shop was near my house anyway. And I am sorry for that shameless advertisement for my eBook inside the Kindle, just in case you didn’t notice ๐Ÿ˜›

I should admit that I had almost made my mind when I asked you all whether I should buy an Amazon Kindle or Tablet. Even though most of you had suggested that I go with a Tablet, I was glad to see that Kindle owners stronglyย recommendedย going with the Kindle. That’s exactly what I was hoping for!

As I said in that post, there was no way I was going to escape from one LCD monitor (my laptop) to another (tablet computer). The biggest attraction with Kindle (at least in my eyes, and for it) was the eInk display/screen. After having read from it for more than a couple of hours today morning, I should tell you that the eInk screen is SIMPLY AMAZING ๐Ÿ™‚

I know that there are limitations to what I can do with the Kindle, but for my applications it seemed to be the best. I bought it because,

  • I want to read eBooks purchased from Amazon, Google Play and other sites.
  • I want to read documents (MS Word, PDF, etc).
  • I want to read the RSS feed for blog posts in my niche (DON’T I MISS GOOGLE READER???) ย 

I can do all the above with the Kindle! The best part is, I can lie down on my bed or sit on my sofa while reading!! Also, I can stay away from my computer monitor for longer periods every day (hopefully).


With a 6″ screen, the display is small but since we can adjust the font, typeface and spacing between the lines, we can customize the display as per our requirements. I feel that the reflective eInk screen feels just like paper, with the display getting dim as I move to dark areas.

The kindle is light-weight, so it’s easy to hold it with one hand or two hands, as we wish. There are dedicated buttons for next page and previous page (placed on both sides of the device), which helps us to flip pages easily, even when we are holding it with just one hand!

When I opened the packaging, there was a transparent cover over the screen which I promptly removed and even after that there seemed to be something covering the screen. I tried to remove it, but then I discovered that it was the screen itself!! I was perplexed as NO device on EARTH can be packed with the screen-saver ON, right?? But the Kindle WAS!! The manufacturer can do it because the screen doesn’t consume any power while it is displaying something, it only consumes power when it refreshes!!

OK, not everything is as exciting as this post sounds – I was able to read one PDF document (all text), but not another which was graphics intensive. I use Calibre freeware to convert PDF/ePub to kindle format, and tables/graphics do not seem to convert well.

I did connect the device to Wi-Fi for registration. In no time, all my Amazon eBooks that were stored on the Cloud got downloaded into my Kindle!! Now the problem is, I need to give priority to the physical books that I have already stacked in my shelf. And I will.

OK, I will write a detailed review after I use it for some days. But for now, even though I will be using it mostly for work, I AM EXCITED ๐Ÿ™‚

Destination Infinity

Amazon, please make a LAPTOP with Color eInk display. PLEASEEEEEE!!!

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