Why shouldn’t I write using a Pen-name called JK Rowling?

If JK Rowling can write using a pen-name Robert Galbraith and release her novel anonymously, why shouldn’t I publish a book using a pen-name called JK Rowling??? Fair enough, right?

Except that I will be SUED left, right and center by JK Rowling’s publishers!! πŸ˜› And even if a few (minusculeΒ number of) readers happen to read it, by the end of the first story/chapter, even a 10-year old kid will discover that the book has not been written by JK!! So, I guess I will not be able to sustain the suspense beyond a couple of days, if at all πŸ˜€

I am not able to guess whether I will be put in an Indian prison or UK prison or US prison? There is no way I’ll be able to pay all the fines, especially with the rupee inflating against Dollar, Pound, Euro and every other known currency, these days! πŸ™‚

But I guess I’ll become famous and my book might cross that 1500 (other sources put it at 500) copies that JK Rowling managed to sell under theΒ pseudonymΒ author’s identity. In fact, that news gives the perfect EXCUSE for all other newbie authors like me.

NOW I’ll have answers to all questions asked by others. Sample this –

Me: (Shyly) You know what? I published a book.

Neighbor: “Who is your publisher? I guess it’s some small-time unknown…”

Me: “No, it’s”

Neighbor: (Having no clue about self-publishing) Ha, The famous American company? How did you EVER manage to get to published by them???

Me: (Basking under ultimate glory): Well, talent always gets recognized eventually and in my case, it just happened faster… πŸ˜›

Neighbor: How many copies did your book sell?

Me: 5.

Neighbor: 5? (Unable to conceal his hysterical laughter)Β Hahahahahaha Just 5?? Don’t tell me that your family and friends were the only ones to buy it… Hahahahahaha…

Me: Actually, no. They refused to buy it. One is my own order and I am still investigating about the other four πŸ˜€

Neighbor: (His hysterical laughter getting even more hysterical) HAAAAHAAAAHAAAHAAA πŸ˜€

Me: (Innocently) Did you know that JK Rowling’s book published under an unknown pseudo-name, sold only 500 books? By that standard, my feat is not that bad!

Neighbor: (Thoroughly confused, doesn’t know what to say)


So, thank you so much JK. All budding new authors are indebted to you πŸ™‚

I didn’t read her Harry Potter series because fantasy, witches andΒ wizardryΒ isn’t exactly my ‘interest’, but I’ll surely read this mystery book of hers – ‘The Cuckoo’s calling’ πŸ™‚

Destination Infinity

BTW, I have put up a LARGE preview link to my next book on the right sidebar and NO ONE even BOTHERED to ask me a word about it??? That’s ok, even if you had put up such a link on your blog, I would have done the same thing too πŸ™‚ But I need to tell you one thing – I will START writing that book only if 100 readers (of the preview) will request to be intimated by email once the book is released. I am DEAD SURE that will take a long time – Actually, it gives me a perfect excuse to procrastinateΒ even further πŸ™‚

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