The Great Backwaters of Kerala (India)


I am glad that the Kerala State Tourist Department is very proactive in promoting the state as an exciting tourist destination in South India, particularly on the digital landscape/social media. When they contacted me to promote their Great Backwaters of Kerala campaign, I had to share it in my blog. I don’t know another Govt. department that reaches out to people, like this.

I had visited Kerala many times before, mostly for work, and a couple of times for tourism, too – I guess living in the neighboring state, helps. I have been on a boat ride only once though, in Cochin, where they organize regular ferry rides across their ship yard. The boat takes us to multiple islands across the place and each island has some attraction. That was many years ago! I have traveled around Trivandrum, Palakkad & Calicut, somewhat extensively. It’s a pleasure, just going around God’s own country, even if it’s only on main roads.


I know about the backwater network and small boats that ply around the state, but I am yet to plan a tour that involves both. I used to travel around in Bus/Train, but traveling in boats, I am sure, will be a different experience altogether.

Kerala is almost synonymous with nature – it’s simply green everywhere! They have a bounty of rivers, backwater network and you can see coconut trees and waterways, almost everywhere. Their houses are unique and the climate is excellent, almost throughout the year.


According to the information provided in their campaign, it seems, there are 44 rivers, vast network of lakes, 1500 Kilometers of Canals, snake boat races, over 300 species of birds, floating markets and much more. Have a look at this interactive digital page that lays out these aspects beautifully on a visual medium. Also, have a look at the wonderful Kerala Tourism official website for details on where you can go and what you can do, across Kerala. Just visit it to see how beautifully a tourism website could be designed.

So, if you are planning a vacation shortly, you might as well consider visiting the great backwaters of Kerala! 🙂

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Photo credit: Kerala Tourism. Published on this blog upon being requested by them. 

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12 Replies to “The Great Backwaters of Kerala (India)”

  1. I have been to only Thekkady and Athirapalli on Kerala state. I was supposed to explore Munnar last year, but my fracture couldn’t make it possible… but I hope to be there sometime soon. I liked their digital page.

    1. Kerala is a naturally beautiful, green & watery state – that’s a huge advantage. But what’s better is the proactive way in which tourism has been promoted in that state, especially in the international circuit. All other states can learn from them.

      Destination Infinity

    1. If you leave the city and go to the suburban areas and villages, you’ll find how green and blue, the state is! Even in main cities like Trivandrum and Cochin, they have lot of greenery.

      Destination Infinity

  2. I liked Kerala when I was there, almost 10 years back. Now the place is all suffocating. But as a tourist one is bound to fall in love with the city and its numerous getaways in and around the coast 🙂

    1. Kerala is much better than many other states, as far as greenery is concerned. I feel. The way they construct their houses in the middle of a large land with a garden behind and rain-water pit on the front, etc. (generally not within the city) is very good. But the cities maybe moving in the same direction as other Indian cities.

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