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I am participating in the Game of Blogs challenge organized by BlogAdda. It’s a collaborative novel writing competition. Our team is Dynamic Word Weavers. Links to: Chapter 1, Chapter 3.

Memory Intrigues: Chapter–2

Tara, a senior reporter at the News Broadcasting Channel 24 x 7 x 365, gets up from her desk and is about to leave the office when she notices the Sub-editor walking towards her. ‘What is she going to come up with now?’ Tara wonders but puts up a fake smile anyway.

The sub-editor comes up to her and flashes a wider-than-normal smile. “Where are you going, Tara?” she asks.

“I guess I sent my schedule yesterday to you and the Editor. You guys even approved it,” Tara says, coldly.

“Oh, I forgot. You are doing an interview with that film director, aren’t you?” the Sub-editor says. She continues in a mocking tone, “It’s an important assignment I guess, considering they are our client and buy ad spots on our channel, occasionally.”

Tara takes a deep breath, bites her teeth, and says, “I am already running late. If you want to tell me something . . .”

The Sub-editor intervenes – “Aren’t you covering the building collapse case?”

“But that was assigned to Sanjeev, yesterday,” Tara says, referring to a senior colleague, but looks at the Sub-editor doubtfully.

“Actually, no. Sanjeev has a training program today. The case has been allocated to Nikhil,” the Sub-editor says, and smiles.

Tara understands why the Sub-editor is generous with her smiles today. She looks towards the closed door of the Editor’s cabin and murmurs, “What the-” and starts walking quickly towards the Editor’s cabin. She pushes the door open without the usual customary knock and finds the Editor engaged in a phone call.

“I’ll talk to you later,” the Editor cuts the call and looks at Tara.

“I am sorry I interrupted your conversation,” Tara says.

“That’s not a problem at all. I am always available to all my journalists,” he replies, with a little smile on his lips. “Aren’t you supposed to do an interview today morning?”

“You know I can postpone that interview to any other day,” she says. “I heard that you’ve allocated the building collapse coverage to Nikhil?”

“Yes. I thought you were busy with the interview and …..”

Tara interrupts – “Cut the crap. Nikhil is five years my junior. How can you assign such an important assignment to him when a senior reporter is present in the same city?”

The Editor turns his face towards the computer monitor and places his hands on the mouse. Tara’s eyes widen and she is breathing heavily. “I asked you a question,” she reminds him.

The Editor types something hastily on his keyboard, clicks the mouse, and then looks at Tara. “Yes, where were we? Oh that – Allocating the right resource for the news leads that come to me is under my discretion. I am not obliged to select the senior most person always,” he says and goes back to working on his computer.

“But …..” Tara protests. He waves his hand dismissively, urging Tara to leave. Tara shrugs and turns back.

“If you prefer to work on certain assignments, create your own leads,” the Editor says just before Tara walks out of the room and closes the door behind her with a bang.

‘Becoming a pet and nodding one’s head to whatever the boss says seems to work very well in this office,” she mumbles rather loudly, and walks out of the office.

Read the next part of the story here: Chapter 3, Previous part: Chapter 1.

Destination Infinity

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  1. Hi
    You could have started off saying Taras state as she returns from home but Tara comes across as a cross lady finding fault with evryone though the build up is good but somehow i feel u could have done wonderfully….

  2. CHAPTER 2
    The unhelpful attitude at home especially from the husband in sharing the burden of home routines appears to be surfacing for Tara. Mapping of the link between Inter-personal relationship at office and emotional disturbance at home is well articulated. Any reader is likely to get the benefit of introspection and course correction! The flow is commendable

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