Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 15

Game of Blogs – Memory Intrigues – Chapter 15

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Dynamic Wordweavers - Game of Blogs - Chapter 15

The story so far:

Cyrus sits next to Roohi and appreciates the artwork she has been doing. He finds her very talented and helps her with her artwork.

Look mummy, finished… Uncle helped me complete” Roohi says as Tara returns with a plate of snacks and orange juice.

Good, honey, now go pack your bag and get ready for tomorrow”.

Thank you uncle”, Roohi says, as she hops away to her room, indicating she had jelled well with Cyrus.

So, lets begin….” Tara and Cyrus start discussing about work as Shekar leaves the room …..


Chapter – 15

Ab Tak, the main competitor of 365 x 24 x 7 – where Tara was working earlier – is abuzz with activity, as usual. The Senior Editor, Mr. Narasimha Murthy, is expecting Tara for a job interview. She reaches the office in the afternoon, as per the appointment. The Senior Editor gets a call from his PA. “Is she already here? Please send her in,” he says.

Tara walks into the MD’s room and is impressed by the large room, wooden furniture, dim lights, and the neat arrangement of items on the table. She compares this to the always messy offices of her previous employer. The Senior Editor notices the wonder in Tara’s eyes and greets her with a big smile. He stands up and offers his hands to Tara, who shakes his hand with gratitude. She sits on the comfortable silken cushioned seat, and they discuss Tara’s role and experience in the previous organization.

After a brief discussion, the Senior Editor finally comes to the point – “You were responsible for breaking the controversial news regarding the Central Minister, weren’t you?”

“Yes Sir,” she says.

“And I believe you have more information and evidence to share with us?”

“Not yet, Sir. I am working on it and I am confident that I’ll get my hands on it soon,”

“You have some connection to the source?”

“Yes. I do,” she replies.

“Good. You can start your career here with a bang,” he says with a smile.

“So when can I join?”

“You are already our employee. This interview was just a formality. You can hand over the documents and discuss the details of your remuneration with my P. A. She will prepare your appointment letter by evening, after consulting with me. All the best,” he says and requests the P.A. to take Tara to her room.

Tara settles down in her room after discussing with the P. A. She thinks of sharing her happiness with Shekhar and picks up the landline phone to call him. But midway, she decides against it and calls Cyrus instead. Her hands fumble while dialling the number and she is impatient as Cyrus doesn’t pick up the phone immediately. After a few rings, she smiles as she hears the mature and sweet voice of Cyrus, once again.

“Hi Cyrus! Guess what – I’ve got a new job with Ab Tak, and they’ve agreed to give a salary hike of at least 20%!” she says.

“That’s great news Tara. I am sure you deserve it.”

“And you know what – I have my own room, here. There is a Mac Computer on a wooden table covered with glass, an executive chair, beautiful purple-themed wall hangings and posters complementing the blue walls, cupboard with lock, and even a few small pots with flowering plants just in front of the window, behind me. I’ve always wanted to work from an office like this – It’s a dream come true!” she almost shouts.

“Excellent, I am very happy for you,” he says. “I just realized how much I miss you. You are an angel, when compared to your colleagues in your old office.”

“Come on Cyrus. Don’t you think ‘Angel’ is a bit of an over-statement? I am just a normal journo . . .” she says.

“No. You are an Angel Journalist” he says and pauses for a couple of seconds. “I hope you won’t forget me in all this excitement.”

“Of course not, Cyrus. You can continue with your research in my new office from now on. I am looking forward to meeting you at 2 P.M. tomorrow afternoon.”

The next day, Cyrus goes to Tara’s office but realizes that he has reached a little early. Since it is lunch time, and he did not have lunch yet, he goes to the coffee shop, opposite to Tara’s office. While searching for a place to sit, he hears a familiar voice calling him. He turns to see Mr. Ahuja, Tara’s neighbour, whom he had met recently in Tara’s apartment, invite him to his table. He joins him for lunch and tells him why he is there. Mr. Ahuja tells him that the film studio is nearby and he comes to this coffee shop daily for lunch, from there.

“But why do you go to the film studio?” Cyrus asks.

“I want to do comedy roles in Hindi movies. I visit the studio daily to meet producers and directors and try to convince them to give me a role. That’s the reason I moved from Delhi to Mumbai.”

“That’s cool. Any luck yet?”

“No yaar. You know how difficult it is to get a break in Bollywood. Everyone wants an actor who is already famous.”

“Have you published any humorous videos in Youtube?”

“Yes. Some of my comedy shows are on Youtube. You know I am a stand-up comedian, don’t you?. That’s how all this started. But not many people follow my Youtube channel”.

“I think I can help you. I am a blogger and am active in social media too. Send me the links to your best stand-up comedy episodes and I will publish it in my blog. I’ll also spread it in my social media channels. Who knows, it may reach the right people”.

As they say, life is a game of luck, and luck often favors people who work hardest. Mr. Ahuja knew that in the entertainment industry, especially, every bit of exposure counts. He gladly accepts Cyrus’s offer and they exchange cards.

“I need to take a picture, and ask some questions – I am planning to publish your interview too,” Cyrus says.

“Sure. You can come home today evening,” Mr. Ahuja says, and they leave. Cyrus goes along with Tara to her home, after work. He plays with Roohi for sometime, who accompanies him to Mr. Ahuja’s house. Cyrus sets up the camera on a Tripod for the photoshoot and Roohi jumps on Mr. Ahuja’s lap as she is also eager to get photographed. Cyrus drops Roohi at her home after the interview, says goodbye to Tara, and leaves the apartment.

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  1. CHAPTER 15
    Equations people pursue and the cravings they seek to address in their relationships have been well portrayed. If Shekar is puzzle in some ways, Tara and Cyrus are being shown as puzzles in their own rights too! The story is picking up the right momentum. That the greatest asset in media industry is how much you know of a situation has been addressed in a tale telling mode

  2. It is true that life is a game of luck, and luck often favors people who work hardest. It is sad to note that Tara does not call Sekhar to inform about her new job but calls Cyrus. Now we can see the measured step of Cyrus bringing Ahuja into Tara’s house. Is Tara becoming a bait

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