Dr. J. Jayalalitha’s Samadhi behind MGR Memorial @ Marina Beach


On Friday, Dec. 09, 2016, we went to pay homage to Dr. J. Jayalalitha’s Samadhi/Memorial installed just behind MGR Samadhi/Memorial (towards the beach) at the Marina beach. They have currently erected a temporary shed over Jayalalithaa’s samadhi, but I think that will be replaced by some concrete structure later on.ย Here are some pictures from there.




Here are some pics from the neighboring MGR Samadhi/Memorial.




Here you can find a couple of pictures of the grand dual-leaf shaped arch and the bronze pegasus at the entrance facing the Rajaji Salai main road along the beach. Vehicle parking is available at the adjacent premises, to the left of this arch.



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  1. Nice you did a visit to her memorial to pay respect ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to check both their memorials someday

    I think you checked during the noon… i see not many people there like they show in TV

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