My First ‘Party’ Experience (Vegetarian & Non-Alcoholic!!)


On the new year’s eve, someone in my house decided that we should go to a New Year party. Since we’ve never been to any, I said OK but with a condition – they should not serve liquor and they should serve vegetarian food. Actually, my idea was to cancel the party indirectly.

But as luck would have it, there was a New Year’s party in Chennai that fulfilled both my criterion. It was the Kala Chasma party and was organized by Deccan Plaza hotel @ Royapettah, Chennai. We spoke to the organizer and they told us that there was a separate kids area, they would play Bollywood songs, they would serve Jain food. That ticked a few more check boxes and we booked the tickets for us and some cousins.


Upon entering they gave us the above-shown ticket and tied a band around our hands. We then proceeded to the starters area. Here, we had some snacks like popcorn, sevu, cutlet, corn, masala-cola & pina colada by bisleri, rose milk and (believe it or not) podi idly!! I relished that podi idly and refilled my plate multiple times with only that 🙂

Then there was a kids’ area with a few games. We could also take selfies. We also took one with wigs provided by them. Here it is 😀 😛 😀


The dinner buffet was OK but there was too much crowd. Fortunately we went early and were able to get food soon, but people who came later had to stand in long queues. There was not much place to stand and eat as well. I think the hotel should have imposed a restriction on the maximum no. of people who can attend.


The main place of the party was the ‘Dance Floor’. I have never danced much, not even in my college days. How can I dance now? Fortunately, since many in the crowd were dancing and since the DJ/Music helped, we too danced (tried to dance) for sometime. But for most of the time, we were watching and enjoying 🙂

BTW, here is a short video from the dance floor –



I guess these parties are for younger people, but there were many middle-aged people also who came with their family. Altogether this was a different experience and we would probably cherish that wig-photo for a long time to come 🙂

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14 Replies to “My First ‘Party’ Experience (Vegetarian & Non-Alcoholic!!)”

  1. I am glad you had a great time on New Year Eve. You both look good with that wig. I have 2 questions:

    1. I assume it was on Dec 31 evening and not during day time. I am confused because you mentioned “lunch buffet” as opposed to “dinner buffet”.

    2. What is the damage to the pocket for 2?

  2. I am happy to know that you both enjoyed the party! The photo of the two of you with wigs is good! Yes, you will always remember it!

    We visit this hotel often because of the vegetarian tasty food:)

  3. Wig photo is cute 🙂 Nice to know they have parties without alcohol, as most of the parties are full of drunkards and that is what discourages us to attend. Good to know you had fun.

  4. wig photo you both look nice
    saw dancing video nice music
    great that you enjoyed the party great to know about such party veg plus no drinks

  5. hahahaha i can totally imagine the “we tried to dance” line .

    i never heard of a vegetarian, non-alcoholic new years party before. so a first for me too reading this post 🙂

    oh, that wig pic is for keeps for sure

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