Our Mahabalipuram Trip – 2017

Of course, I’ve been to Mahabalipuram many times before. I have even done individual posts about the major attractions there. But this is the first time I went there with my wife.

For this two-day trip, we went on our bike. This was not such a smart decision as although we had fun while going, we found it difficult while coming back!

We stayed in Bay Treasure Resort. They had a nice pool, which we liked – but being in water can make you tired (after you come back). I wish they had some sports facilities too, but this time we didn’t have much time anyway.

The attractions in Mahabalipuram are not that interesting. Caves and sculptures can even get boringΒ if you are going without a guide. However, it was an excellent place to take a lot of selfies – which is exactly what we did. I made a video slide show using a few photos taken there – don’t forget to see the above embedded Youtube video.

Among the attractions, I like the lighthouse the most. I like the view from the top of any lighthouse, for that matter. One interesting incident happened hereΒ – we were eating mango and watermelon when a monkey approached us. I gave a piece of the mango. It nibbled on it, threw it away and sat next to me.

Without batting as much as an eyelid, it suddenly snatched my watermelon cup. I sat there for a few seconds watching it eat, but then walked away fearing any more (Mis) adventures πŸ™‚

On the whole, we had a good trip except for the second-half of the last day as we became quite tired while driving back.

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18 Replies to “Our Mahabalipuram Trip – 2017”

  1. Nice video with photos DI. I have been wanting to visit Mahabalipuram for soooo long now. Last time when I was in chennai many years back, we went to Mahabalipuram but it was dark by the time we reached there. So could not see anything there. Next time I am coming to Chennai, I am definitely planning to visit it.

  2. Nice video. Thanks. Ahhh. Romantic trip to Mahabalipuram. You guys cycled all the way from your home to Mahabalipuram and back in cycle?

    I read somewhere Actor Arya cycles from his home to Mahabalipuram and back every day.

  3. This is a long stretch to be covered as couple in a bike! Hope u had pleasant stay at the resort and having a pool aside should be cool… Nice selfie in front of the monuments and lighthouse. I love lighthouses and have been watched only from ground.

  4. Nice video. I am sure it must have been a motor bike.Mahabalipuram is always a nice getaway for a day if the weather is amiable.

  5. The video captured the most important scenes perfectly.
    I wonder if it was the first trip to this place for your wife. Hope she liked it.
    Monkeys are notorious thieves πŸ™‚

  6. I have never been to Mahabalipuram and I also don’t think I will enjoy a bike ride to a tourist place.

    Yes, monkeys are everywhere. We have daily visits from two monkeys in Hyderabad and they managed to scare our house-help!

    1. Monkeys are not common in TN. That’s why we were slightly taken aback. But I’ve seen many monkeys at Nellore and other parts of AP!

      Destination Infinity

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