Short Stories (Fiction)

Nasha ye beer ka nasha hai

“Nasha ye beer ka nasha hai…

Ye Meri baat yaar maano…

Nashe mein yaar doob jaao…

Raho na hosh mein deewanon…”

“What would you like to have sir?”

“Bring two pots of beer. Strong”

 “Today, one passenger got into my Auto. By his looks I could make out that he was new to the city. He wanted to go to a nearby locality. But I took him around for 5 Kilo Meters before dropping him in his destination. He didn’t notice that the meter started at 14 Rupees. I told him that the meter started at twelve rupees and showed him the 12 to 14 rupees conversion chart, which we used before fixing the new meter. So, I charged 100 rupees for a ride that would have cost him only 30 rupees”

 “Two more pots of beer, please. Didn’t he argue?”

 “He did, but then I raised my voice. After all, I am dealing with such passengers’ day in and day out. So, how was your day?”

 “Of late, I have been telling the motorists that they need to get their vehicles emission certified, twice a year. And they have not done it. Almost everyone gets stumped by this. Even though they have all the other documents, we don’t leave them without paying the ‘subsidized fine’ “

 “Two more pots of beer please. I guess, being a traffic constable comes with much more benefits than a normal auto driver like me. So, you should have made a lot today, that too with zero investment…”

 “Yeah, but I can’t take everything for myself no? There is always a hierarchy which needs to be ‘respected’ “

 “Two more pots of beer please. I think, as long as there are people who could be cheated, people like us can always keep cheating them

 “And that will enable us to keep celebrating throughout the year. So, I toast this last glass of beer in memory of all the people who have ‘donated’ enough so that we can have fun”

 “Cheers to you too”

 After some time, both of them left. The owner of the pub and the bartender were listening to their conversation. They started exchanging their opinions.

 “Sir, look at the ways in which they cheat people. How bad all those people, who have been cheated, would have felt?”

 “Yeah, they might have felt bad, but would soon forget all this”

 “But the fact remains that they have been cheated of their money”

 “What do you think we did just now? Do you know how much this beer costs outside? Do you know what my buy price is? Do you know how much margin I make per bottle and the snacks?”

 “Is it high?”

 “Much higher than you think. People come to a good pub like this for the ambience, the music and of course for the alcohol – It is the whole experience that matters to them. No one has questioned me why the prices are so high”

 “At least, they have fun”

 “If they come here once in a month or once in two months, then it is fun. When they come here three or four times a week, it is more due to the fact that if they don’t come, they find it uncomfortable. That is called addiction. Not fun. Well, as long as there are people who cheat others and make money easily, people like us can always take advantage of it


Destination Infinity

 “There are two things to aim at in life: First, to get what you want and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second” – Logan Pearsall Smith

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  • msr

    Pub sells music, ambiance, etc along with spirit. So alcohol comes with a higher price. How does this amount to cheating? What are you tryin' to say? How many mugs of beer did you down yourself before you sat down to write this? 😉

  • Destination Infinity

    @Vishesh: I don't know who that 'we' was supposed to point, but rehab is definitely required. But if the guy was prudent enough, he would have restricted himself in the first place.

    @MSR: Please put your comment either in Blogspot or WordPress. It is difficult to comment in both. So, I will reply in Blogger.

    Destination Infinity

  • Molly

    Very nice post. And quite thought provoking. I suppose those of us who live in glass houses should not cast stones (and wait, this just in! we all live in glass houses). Peace to you.

  • Destination Infinity

    @Molly: Our glass houses are intricately designed that they will take the stones that we hit and will also expose us to the stones from outside! 🙂

    @Raj: There are more corrupt countries than us, and in advanced countries where corruption is left to experts like politicians etc, the volume may be much more!! So, we can take some solace in the above arguments!

    @Chirag: Vicious circle, is an apt term. One more thing, I have not hinted at something being good or bad, in the article. It is left open to the readers interpretations. But the dilemma is what I have tried to represent. And yes, I too don't have the answer to the question.

    Destination Infinity

  • Destination Infinity

    @MSR: What amounts to cheating is not the cost of the beer. It is the urge to drink alcohol again and again because one would feel bad if they don't drink – which is called addiction. A habit which could also be dangerous to health. The bar owners depend on such addicted people to make money. That's what I called cheating. The people who are being cheated are completely oblivious of this or they choose to ignore the concept of addiction and term it as 'fun'.

    Destination Infinity

  • Kanagu

    If everybody starts to have the attitude of they are all doing those things so me too can do that, then we will not live in a country, we will live in a hell 🙁

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