What would you do if you get an invaluable diamond accidentally?

diamondMany years back, we used to go to some friends house to watch movies/ TV, play video games etc. So, we were gathered in one such friends house and there was a reality based serial that started in the TV. They asked one question : What would you do if you get an invaluable (big) diamond accidentally? And went for a break.

Since we were a group, we started saying all sort of things, like I will sell it and buy a house, buy car, buy this, that and everything else. One of my friend told that he would immediately throw it in a river/ bury it deep enough so that no one would ever find it. We all laughed, but the significance of that comment dawned on us once the TV show progressed.

There was some village, where someone had indeed accidentally got such a diamond. Now, other people too somehow got to know about it. And very soon the whole village was after that diamond. The diamond started passing from one person to another, till no one knew who was having it! So, the normally peaceful village split in to many groups and started fighting with each other.

All this was happening even though no one knew for sure if that diamond was  a real one or not. There was a very good chance that it might have been some sort of crystal or glass! So, people were fighting for something they perceived to be invaluable!

This reminds me of this quote: “We first dig out gold from deep inside the earth, and then lock it in safe cellars and put guards to keep it safe, but never touch it afterwards. If some alien from mars comes and happens to see this, they might wonder why we have taken so much efforts!”

I am sure that even in our lives, we think a lot about perceptions. ‘If this had been like this, it would have been so much better’. Whether it would have been better or not,  no one knows. But, one thing is for sure – We are definitely losing the present, thinking about what might or might not have happened!

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    • Rajesh K

      Life could be more peaceful with them as well – if we realize that the true value of a diamond is a stone, and money is a paper….

      Destination Infinity

  • V Rakesh

    Very well written DI. Our quest for a better state of being almost always leaves us to greatly ignore the present!

    Life is always peaceful staying detached, I suppose!

  • saritha

    We are definitely losing the present, thinking about what might or might not have happened!—– This is so true.We always think about future without enjoying the present.I don’t say thinking about future is bad but once the present is gone,then there is no point in regretting….

    When gandhji was leaving south africa he was given gold and other precious things and he didn’t sleep for that night and the next day morning he went to return them.Then those gifts were placed in the community trust.

    • Rajesh K

      The South African story was interesting… Sometimes, too much of anything becomes burden. Including wealth.

      Destination Infinity

  • Avada Kedavra

    so true.. wonder why we run behind such valuables.. loved this post DI.. people running after diamonds reminded me of the movie “Blood Diamond”. Watch this movie if you get a chance.. it has a nice msg.. people kill each other for diamonds..

    • Rajesh K

      Aha, I got one more movie recommendation… But I am afraid of the theme, maybe will watch for the message. I think there is nothing wrong in running behind the valuables, only we need to deserve it and we need to have worked hard for it.

      Destination Infinity

  • Bikram

    well i liked the article ..

    But call me a bad person or whatever .. If i found a diamond I would sell it and use the money to sort myself and my future and what is left help some close friends .. thats it
    and thats the honest answer…

    I have heard people say oh we will do this for charity that for charity but beleive me when time comes they all turn there back… 🙂

    and very true when u say we think too much about what will happen or what did not rather then concentrating on what we have and be happy in that .. and think od today cause whats gone we cant change, but we can definitely ruin the future by worrying oo much and wasting time on TODAY ….


    • Rajesh K

      Thanks for you honest answer. Maybe that’s what all of us would try to do. But its not easy to sell such stuff (people might think its stolen, and the word will spread rather quickly). Perhaps its better to hand it over to cops? In this case, you can hand over to yourself 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  • MelodyDemone

    Thanks DL.

    Great perspective, although in your post, you speak of a physical diamond, what if you are the diamond, that everyone seeks, and they wish, to steal or possess what you have?

    • Rajesh K

      That made me think… Wow, an excellent question.

      Replace the physical diamond with a person. At least, the diamond has an exchange value in money, but most of the people are plainly overrated. For example, take a movie star. Its good to watch them from far away, but once you get closer to them, and perhaps start talking to them etc, you might not actually like them! So, the perception is even more short lived, in this case. Though, I am not sure what to answer… 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  • Nita

    We humans are too attached to material things. At the time of death we take nothing with us. Yet we fight, and makes me wonder about the psychology of human beings, the constant competition they have one another, trying to prove they have something more. Perhaps they should compete as to who has the most happiness! But then, who is to measure happiness?

    • Rajesh K

      What amuses me to no end is people’s simple equation about life : More money = More happiness. A lot of people live by this simple rule. How I hope life was that simple 🙂

      Destination Infinity

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