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Boats of Besant Nagar (Photo Walk)

The Boats of Besant Nagar:

So I went to a photo-walk to Besant Nagar/Elliots beach, organized by Humans of Madras. Since we were not allowed to visit the broken bridge (which was our original destination) by the cops due to time restrictions, I hereby present to you some photos I took of boats belonging to a small fisherman colony, nearby.






We saw a Turtle Hatchery set-up near the Besant Nagar beach in order to save the turtle eggs until they hatch. Here it is:

While we were there, luckily, the volunteers were releasing a batch of the turtles into the sea. Here are the cutiepie turtle kids πŸ™‚

If you want to know more about the Olive Ridley Turtle conservation project and Turtle Walk, read this wonderful post:Β Turtle Walk by Sandhya (Maradhi Manni).

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