What will you do with 4G Internet? #Airtel4G

Airtel is the first Indian mobile operator to release 4G Internet service across multiple cities and towns in India. I am sure you all know this as they’ve been creating a lot of buzz in every available channel, but if you don’t, now is also good time. Better early than late 😛

Some exciting pointers about #Airtel4G:

  • Airtel is the first telecom operator in India to roll out 4G services across 296 cities nationwide (for now).
  • 4G is available at 3G prices. Well almost.
  • You can tweet with hashtag #GetAirtel4G to get an Airtel 4G SIM delivered right to your home.

What will I do if I get 4G Internet?

OK, I don’t have 4G Internet (yet). But I have a 4G compatible mobile phone (Redmi2) and getting 4G speeds is just a SIM card away. So if I get 4G Internet in the near future, and the companies give more bandwidth for the same price (what’s speed without bandwidth yaar?), what will I do? Let’s see…

1. Stream movies from genuine sources:  Why download movies when we are just going to watch them once? We can just stream them, that too from proper and genuine sellers. There are websites from producers that have a huge catalog of movies and we can select and stream any movie from there. Wowiiees 🙂

2. Keep streaming music: Music is one passion that I feel disconnected with, nowadays. In spite of having a laptop and being online almost always! There are so many good music streaming websites like Raaga, Hungama, etc. that keep streaming good songs. They have top playlists that’ll help me identify great songs as they become a hit. With 4G, I can keep streaming songs whenever I am free. Not that I can’t do it with 3G, but still . . . 😛

3. Learn from Video Courses on Youtube, Udemy: Normally, I learn using eBooks. But of late I have discovered that there are many video courses on Youtube, Udemy, etc. that offer good video-based learning materials that are simpler and easier to understand, and many of them are available free of cost. All that one requires is bandwidth and fast connection. Hopefully, I will transition some of my learning to video after switching over to 4G.

4. Connect with friends and relatives abroad: Once a friend or relative moves abroad, there is so much disconnect. But now we have tools like video chat on Google+ & Skype which we can use to see and talk to them. We need to ask them to come to these services at a pre-designated time so that we can connect and keep in touch with them. Something I need to do once I get 4G.

5. Subscribe to Online TV shows like NGC & Discovery: I was watching a lot of shows on Discovery and NGC channels, earlier. I just love their content and documentaries. I wish I can see content from these channels and some more, once I get 4G and cheaper bandwidth prices.

So what’s your wishlist once you get 4G Internet?

Check the Airtel 4G website to know more about how to get 4G Internet in India.

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