Silver Engraving: Art meets Business!

My cousin brother, Hemanth Kumar, is in the Silver Engraving business, and his office/home is in the Jewellery hub of Chennai – T. Nagar. He is basically a silver engraving artist who paints beauty and life into plain silver by engraving designs, patterns, outlines, and even figures on silver articles like silver plates, silver tumblers, silver medals, puja articles, etc. He can even draw your face from a photo onto a silver plate!

Think of something and he can engrave it on silver. He does it with his hands and a huge engraving machine he has in his backyard.

In this post, I want to show you all some designs made by my cousin brother on a few silver articles –

Hemanth can also engrave your name or a design on silver tumbler, silver rings, silver bracelets, etc. Here are some pics:

silver tumblers special pongal offer 1

silver tumbler with engraving

Lucky are those who are able to make a business out of their artistic skills, don’t you think?

Destination Infinity

You can contact Hemanth Kumar @ 9884222431Β if you need any of the above items or custom silver engraving services in Chennai.Β 

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