Xiaomi Service Center Experience @ Chennai

In one word: Good.

I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 2 phone from Flipkart about 8 months back. The performance of the phone was fine and I was a satisfied customer until one day when the phone wouldn’t switch on!

Since the phone was in warranty, I looked up the location details of the service centers in Chennai. Fortunately, there was on exclusive Xiaomi service center at Anna Nagar, near my place. So I went and handed over the phone to the staff there.

They had a look at it and informed me that motherboard needs to be replaced and it may take 15 days. Since I had my older Spice mobile in working condition, I handed over my phone and was using that mobile for a while.

I thought of calling the service center sometimes to check on them, but due to laziness I didn’t! After about 8-9 days, I got a call from Xiaomi service center representatives at Anna Nagar. They asked me to bring the bill and pick up the mobile.

I went on the same day (Sunday afternoon) and they had replaced the phone’s motherboard and my phone was working fine! Only issue was: All my apps were lost, but reloading them was just half a day’s work 🙂 I have been using the replaced phone without problems for at least one week now.

So I should say that my experience with Xiaomi service center at Chennai was satisfactory. And I will consider buying another mobile from the same company next time also – due to excellent pricing, good quality, and service backup.

Thanks Xiaomi 🙂

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