Birds @ Vandalur Zoo, Chennai

Vandalur Zoo is a large Zoo in Chennai housing many animals, reptiles and birds. Recently, they announced in the newspaper that they have built better and larger enclosures to accommodate a few birds. So I thought why not check it out.

First, photos of some birds within cages:






Now let us look at the new ‘Walk Through Aviary’ they have constructed for keeping birds in a larger enclosure.







Before you think, ‘What a beautiful enclosure…’, have a look at the above picture. That bird was trying to get out of this ‘paradise’ for quite some time, and it was repeatedly trying to get out while I was in that area. So clearly, for birds, this is only a larger enclosure. A larger cage. A larger jail.

We human beings are the biggest hypocrites, as we go and laugh at animals, birds, and reptiles inside cages and claim we go to zoo because we love animals. I feel all zoos should be converted into national parks where animals are free to roam in forests without any cages, and human beings should go visit them within caged vehicles. Like how they have done in Bannerghatta national park. The Walk Through Aviary is better than the other congested cages for birds they have there, but . . . hmm.

At last, I found one right step by the Vandalur Zoo authorities:


Just when I thought I lost all faith in the hypocritical human beings, I found this open bird park without any kind of enclosures or cages. There were bird feeders here and there, and there were nesting boxes as well. Glad to see this inside a zoo. Some hope at last . . .

Destination Infinity

Photos by Destination8infinity (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.


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