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Business Opportunities for Indians in South Africa

Doing Business with South Africa - SICCI Session, Chennai.

Today I went to an interactive session on “Doing Business with South Africa” organized by SICCI – The Southern India Chamber of Commerce & Industry and South African High Commission @ Taj Coromandel, Chennai. Here are some important pointers I gathered from that event, for people interested in engaging with South Africa economically –

  • No. of Indians in South Africa: 1.5 Million, 3% of the population.
  • South Africa accounts for 25% of the GDP of the entire African continent. Besides, the dignitaries claimed that SA is a good base for people wishing to do business with other African countries.
  • They mentioned that companies investing in South Africa can take back 100% of the profits generated. There maybe some T&Cs, do check…
  • Indian companies investing in SEZs in SA have lower corporate tax (15%) and are allowed duty-free imports of components used in production/assembly over there. Govt. also contributes a share of local training expenses.
  • People who wish to know which sectors would attract upcoming investments could refer to Industrial Policy Action Plan and National Development Plan released by Govt. of SA.
  • Tax incentives (12 i) are available for manufacturing investments; Incentives are also available for film/TV productions and a no. of other sectors.
  • South Africa, it seems, has a lot of ore deposits like platinum, iron, etc. They have 80% of the manganese ores of the world. They are looking for companies/ partners who could help them “beneficate” (probably they mean process or convert into a product) these ores in South Africa itself.
  • Opportunities are available to supply pharmaceuticals, especially generic medicines, and other medical equipment/devices.
  • Most MNCs in South Africa (including major car industries) are 100% owned by the parent companies in the respective countries. The No. 1 automobile component they export is Catalytic Converter.
  • SA has already invested more than $10 billion USD for renewable energy. Scope for RE industry in South Africa is good, going forward.
  • Govt. plans to spend close to $2 billion USD over the next few years for developing sea ports. Opportunites for foreign investments abound in this sector also.

Have a look at South Africa at a Glance to know about the country.

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  • Kumar

    Myself Avinash Kumar from India, currently I’m working as Biomedical engineer with 8 years of work experience in hospitals and clinics in Kerala,India.
    I’ve a good network of doctors, surgeons and dentists with whom I do business regularly.
    By June 2020 ,I wish to relocate from India and start a new business in any foreign country that provides citizenship for my wife and my parents,also most importantly give good returns for my investment.
    I would be extremely grateful if you could guide me through the process and suggest what all countries in Africa would be the safest and best place to invest and start a new life.
    Your advice would be highly appreciated.

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